Virtual graduation ceremony of Xamk was held in 20th of December.  Quynh Anh Vu graduated with Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Kouvola campus and gave a speech in the ceremony.
On a casual autumn day 2018, I took my very first 15 hour flight from my home country to Finland. Looking through the sky, at that moment I knew I have a new chapter of my life to step up to. Minutes turns to hours, days to years, and now that chapter has come to an end, and I am standing here at my graduation ceremony, filled with gratitudes and sentiments. My university has become my second home, where I was given the chance to pursue my dream.

I still remember the excitement of my first year at XAMK: meeting new international friends, adapting to the culture of Finland (where the darkness greets me at 3pm every day :D), getting lessons that set business foundation for me, having fun always going to many field trips, learning through practical experiences and events with my classmates. Second year and senior year have led me to the stage where I developed the specialized industrial knowledge as well as planned for my future career. I also participated in some extracurricular activities in and out campus. I became one of the ambassadors in Kouvola campus where all the fun happen such as starring in university brand video, representing XAMK in some international discussions. I also joined the Student Magazine editor crew and published my very first articles to readers out there!

Standing here today, among joys and happinesses, it’s actually a little bit sad as it means that I’m soon leaving the dearing fellow friends who have been together and inspiring me, and teachers who have been mentoring me. This journey has been more meaningful because at every single moment of my life, I felt surrounded by them, who all supported and shaped my life forever. To IB18 group, thank you all, I’m immensely grateful for having you in my university life. Thank you Finland for everything you’ve taught me and every opportunity you’ve opened on my growth.

With much love,