Choosing the right education path is important choice. For Anne Njuguna, pursuing a Bachelor of Health Care in Nursing at Xamk was a clear choice driven by her interest to care for and help other people.

When asked about her decision to study nursing, Anne explained that her passion for nursing and the opportunity to make a positive impact on people’s lives motivated her:

I have always had a desire to become a nurse, taking care of people or helping people feel better.” she says. 

Choosing Xamk as her place of study was a deliberate decision for Anne. The location of Kotka, a beautiful tourist town by the sea, captivated her. The idea of an English program that gradually integrated students into Finnish language learning also appealed to her very much. 

Anne finds the interactions with her classmates from various nationalities and cultures particularly fascinating. Sharing experiences and different perspectives from all backgrounds adds depth and diversity to the learning process. Additionally, practical classes hold a special appeal for Anne, as they provide an opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in a hands-on setting. 

Anne recommends nursing education to anyone who shares passion for nursing. She believes that nursing is a calling and that Xamk provides an excellent platform for aspiring nurses to develop their skills and fulfill their potential.  

There are many career lines or specialisations that a nurse can go into for example an intensive care unit nurse, psychiatric nurse, gerontological nurse, pediatric nurse, among many other possibilities. Nurses have several specializations they can choose from.”  Anne says. 


When asked about her future plans, Anne expressed her desire to start her career as a nurse in a hospital setting after graduation. While she intends to pursue postgraduate studies later on, she plans to gain practical experience first to help her determine her specific area of specialization. Currently, Anne’s dream profession is to work as a palliative care nurse, providing compassionate support to patients and their families during difficult times. 

Anne’s journey to Finland for her studies has been an exciting and eye opening experience so far. She was captivated by Finland’s greenery and the beauty of the forests. Experiencing the four distinct
seasons, especially the transition from long, dark winters to brighter days, was memorable experience for her. 

The best thing is meeting new people both in the university and the community. I love that my class has people from many different nationalities and we get to share lots of perspectives from all our different backgrounds and cultures. This actually makes our classes very interesting.” Anne says. 

However, Anne also acknowledges that language barriers can present challenges, particularly when communicating in Finnish within a work context. Finnish is known as one of the toughest languages to learn combined with the demanding nature of nursing studies, requires significant effort and dedication. However, Anne is willing to overcome these challenges and do her best in both areas. 

As Anne continues her journey at Xamk, her dedication and passion for nursing will guide her toward achieving her goals. With a combination of practical experience, further education, and a commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.