Hi, my name is Víctor! I am from Spain, Málaga, which is also the place where I live now. I study at University of Málaga, Economics and Business Management, but I also study at the music school.

I have recently completed the Diploma of Higher Education in Tourism and Business Management, extent 60 ECTS credits.



How did you end up studying with Xamk OUAS?

– I received an email from my home university, that they were looking for people to try the new format. It was completely free, and it came from Finland, so I decided to give it a try and study tourism as a complement of my majors.

What has been the most useful thing you have learned in your studies with Xamk?

– I think the most useful thing I learned with Xamk was the way that Xamk administrates the bureaucratic processes, as well as how each course is run. The design makes learning almost easy/intuitive. I could not say exactly what it is, but there is something that makes you learn without feeling the pain that is usually attached to studying.

How did you find studying with Xamk?
– Not to repeat myself, I found it cool. Balance between work and grades was what most surprised me, I did not believe this could be made better than I knew before entering Xamk. Obviously, that does not mean it Is perfect. Far from a bad experience and closer to always improving system. If they stop trying to be better, then it would be the same than an old university.

Did you have any challenges, were you happy with our services?

– Yes, I did. Having to study and attached to the dates was not always easy specially for those lectures and lecturers that are more demanding and may be exceeding student work time. Nonetheless, I saw these cases as an opportunity to continue and overcoming the obstacle.


What kind of assignments the course you took included?

– I do not remember them all. Test-type exams, research-based assignments, interview and cooperation assignments…

How are you going to put your learned knowledge to use in real life?

– I am currently starting up with three businesses. Each of them has a small piece of what I would say is the most important to have in a business. Too, as I previously mentioned, the style of running the business looking for simplicity – like Xamk – is the most characteristic.

Are you planning on studying more in the future (with Xamk or someplace else)?

– Maybe a master’s degree or another two Bachelors’ degree in Finance and Marketing. The labor market is tough in Spain. It is difficult to live of one thousand euros per month after graduation and master. I definitely continue studying, at least until businesses start generating income.

To whom would you recommend the OUAS studies?

– I would recommend OUAS studies to those who are willing to try something new, for those who cannot afford to pay high fees… In general, I would advice to everyone who is willing to learn and do not know what to do yet.

How would you develop Xamk Open University?

– It is a difficult answer, but I would say I missed office hours or information about how to access bibliography. Office hours are helpful to more technical subjects, although professors are usually available, a video-call would be appreciated (at least for me). I would add the access to bibliography because I am sure is a way, but I do not know it and it was not easy for me to find the books I needed; in fact I did not find them at all.

What are your future wishes and desires (in life)?

– Living a rich life: be able to live where I live now while helping people approach their finances and fiscality.


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