Opportunity to study in Finland

Finland consistently ranks high in the world happiness ranking, quality of education and security. It is also abundant in nature and peaceful environment. Finland is a technological forerunner in various sectors and innovation is supported by a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem producing some of the world’s most successful companies.


South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences

South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (Xamk) is situated in Kouvola city, just 1.5 hours train ride from the capital city Helsinki where living costs are slightly cheaper. Xamk is among the top universities of applied sciences in terms of number of degree programs, amount of continuous learning credits and external research funding, according to the Ministry of Education and Culture’s comparison of various indicators. By joining Xamk, you have the possibilities to explore multitude of interests in various in-house development projects and study programs.


Masters in Entrepreneurship and Startups

You can complete the diploma program in Entrepreneurship and Startup Studies in Finland at Xamk. It is a one-year diploma program, with additional possibilities to transfer credits and continue in our MBA program at the same campus. Many of our graduates continue their residence and are gainfully employed in their specialized area after graduation from the MBA program in Finland. To continue into MBA, the Diploma students will have to submit an application in October. Youwill be conditionally accepted to MBA. However, the eligibility may still be checked via an interview. To qualify for continuation into MBA, the students must have 60 ects by January 2024, meaning that we expect you to progress in the program according to the schedule.

In the program, we focus on applied component of business knowledge. Our pedagogical focus is on learning by doing, utilizing project and problem-based learning. During the studies, students actively participate in various startup and entrepreneurial events in close collaboration with local businesses and regional support organizations. Students generate ideas for a new venture, develop and test it in simulated environments with continuous feedback from relevant stakeholders provided during their study period. The primary role of the instructors is to facilitate learning and to be in dialogue with the stakeholders and students are highly encouraged to be proactive in their learning.


Director of Education, Business
Ari Lindeman


Edufinn Tech Private Limited, EDU FINN
Mr. Rishabh Gupta


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