Part-time studies

  • study places 30
  • location: Kouvola
  • duration of studies: 2 years
  • next application period is not available
  • tuition fee: for non-EU/EEA citizens 7000 euros,
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Master School is a learning community for Master’s degree students at Xamk.

Take your career to the next level

The master’s degree programme in business administration aims to strengthen your professional competence, providing you with skills to cope in demanding development, management and expert positions.

The International Business Management (IBM) studies focus on the aspects of international business which are of vital importance for the international strategic management and growth of companies. Xamk offers you the possibility to complete exchange studies in numerous partner institutions.


A master’s degree from a university of applied sciences guarantees the same qualification to hold a public office as a master’s degree obtained from a scientific university, for example Master of Science in Economics (KTM). At Xamk, master’s degree programmes are organised within the framework of Master School. The learning approach is based on action learning and interdisciplinary team-work between students, teachers and companies.

Master School boosts your professional competence and connects you with a vast network of professionals from different fields of study and business.

The IBM programme provides you with the competence that is necessary in taking your career to the next level!

Study contents

The scope of IBM studies is 90 ECTS credits divided into three parts: core competence (40 ECTS credits), complementary studies (20 ECTS credits) and master’s thesis (30 ECTS credits).

Core competence (40 credits)

Core competence courses are:

  • Business process development
  • Cross-border management
  • Customer intelligence
  • Innovation management in business
  • Marketing management
  • Strategic business game
  • Supply chain management and smart logistics
  • Sustainable growth

Core competence courses are mandatory for all students in the degree programme and aim to provide students with the knowledge and skills that allow them to utilize and integrate a wide range of business data necessary for the planning, implementation and development of management operations in an organization or company. The theoretical models and methods of international business management are an essential part of the core competence studies. The scope of one course is 5 ECTS credits.

Complementary competence (20 credits)

Based on personal preferences, complementary competence studies can be chosen from a wide supply of Xamk Master School’s common studies.

The common studies comprise courses instructed in Finnish or in English in the following fields:

  • Research and development
  • Management, leadership and entrepreneurship
  • International working environments
  • Information, digital services and networks.

The language of instruction is English. Tuition, assignments, exams and master’s thesis writing process are instructed, conducted and completed in English.

Master’s thesis

The master’s thesis (30 ECTS credits) is an important part of master’s degree studies. The topic of the thesis should be aimed at developing one’s own work performance or the performance of work community.

In the thesis, a development need in one’s professional field is identified and based on this, an academic study or development process is planned and conducted. The thesis can also be written as part of a Xamk RDI project or by commission from one of the partner organisations and companies.

International perspective

The Master’s programme at South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences offers an authentically international study environment with students and staff members coming from over 30 countries.

The students of International Business Management degree programme can obtain international experience by going on exchange during their studies. Xamk has numerous partner institutions in a wide selection of countries.

BYOD – Bring your own device

According to Xamk’s BYOD policy, students must bring and use their own devices on campus.

More information is available on Xamk website.

Study guide

Study contents

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Study while you work – practice meets theory!

The degree programme is organised on the basis of blended studies involving a great deal of project work, teamwork and independent study.

All courses are instructed in English and carried out through blended learning methods, including lectures, online studies and project-based tasks.

On average, there are three days of on-campus studies per month. Most of the studies are completed online individually or in small groups. In this respect, students are supported by online study counseling.

The on-campus lessons are normally given during weekdays, typically on Thursdays and Fridays and mainly on Kouvola Campus. The studies can be completed approximately within two years.

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Further information on studies

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