Environmental Engineering studies focuses on practical things, hands-on experience and gives you the opportunities to grow yourself.

What made Finland stand out as your study destination?

– I think Finland has a good, well-known education but the price/tuition fee is not high according to its values. That is the basic reason why I chose Finland. When I red more about Finland, I realized the introversion culture of Finland is so familiar with me, which made and still make me very interested in Finland.

Why is Xamk so special that you decided to study over here?

– Xamk’s curriculum contains some really interesting courses related to environmental subjects, such as climate change, water soil and air treatment and so on. To be honest, I think Xamk creates huge opportunities for students to participate in extracurricular activities. These are the crucial things for any student who wants to earn the attention of the employers.

– There are even courses that encourage students to work more outside of their major study, such as tutor and promotor courses. I also participate the event “Climathon in Mikkeli”.

– The second thing is the peaceful atmosphere Xamk has always given me. I enjoy it so much, that I have a lot of time to study alone along with spending quiet time thinking about ideas, and solving problems. I do not expect anything more than that.

Thank you Xamk!

What about teaching – tell us a little bit about that?

– Teaching is practical because it does not require huge effort into solving problems that, for sure, are not needed when you work in the real life. Xamk curriculum focuses you on practical things, hands-on experience and gives you the opportunities to grow yourself.

– Whenever you need, just email the teacher to book an appointment. You can tell your concern and you will be able to discuss with him/her to solve your own problem.

What motivated you in your studies?

– As an environmental student, my motivation is to protect the environment. The other reason is the future of mine and my loved ones. I think, if I waste my time now, I will regret later as the environment could get worse and worse day by day.

“Life never stops and I do not stop growing old. If I do not stand up and take back the lead of my life, so what I am here for?”

What kinds of plans do you have in the near future?

– I want to work in environmental fields. Especially to become an activist who fights for the better future and against all of the injustice in life. I want to contribute for a better future along with like-minded fellows.

Tan Ly, student, Environmental Engineering (EE)