Online-oriented full-time studies

  • study places 20
  • location Mikkeli, Finland
  • duration of studies 4 years
  • next application period: joint application 4.-18.1.2023
  • tuition fee: for non-EU/EEA citizens 9700 euros,
    scholarship scheme and further information

Make a future - take a degree in Environmental Engineering

Are you interested in the state of the environment, environmental safety, clean technology, environmental management and sustainable development?

The Degree Programme in Environmental Engineering (EE) provides you with a wide approach to the professional field of environmental technology. You learn about the causes, consequences and prevention of environmental problems from local oil spill to global problems, such as climate change and microplastics in waters.

The degree programme educates environmental professionals with competence to apply environmental technology in their duties. The studies focus on  

  • environmental protection and remediation 
  • various aspects of environmental technology: air protection, water supply and treatment, contaminated soil and environmental monitoring 
  • sustainable development and the circular economy. 

After graduation you can work in different positions of environmental research, supervision, planning and management. You may solve recycling related problems, improve and increase recycling solutions for cities, or conduct investigations and manage remediation processes in contaminated areas.

New way to complete degree studies

This is a new way to complete degree studies. The courses mostly involve online learning. You only need to spend the second year of the studies in Mikkeli, Finland. That second year has a very strong practical orientation: You take samples and carry out analyses working with real cases using modern equipment. After the second year, all the rest of your studies can be completed online.  

In addition, you can include exchange studies as part of your degree. This gives you a truly international degree. However, it’s always possible to complete your practical training and theses in your home country or home city.  

In the beginning, the only thing you need is the motivation to study in the environmental field. We train you to be a professional. 

cleantech | environmental management | environmental safety | green engineering | sustainable development

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Structure of studies

You can enhance your own professional orientation by practical training (30 ECTS credits), bachelor’s thesis (15 ECTS credits), optional professional studies (30 ECTS credits) and by optional other studies (15 ECTS credits). 

Optional studies include for example courses in the following: 

  • forestry 
  • entrepreneurship studies  
  • other environmental engineering related studies 

You can create your own personal study plan in an electronic form which serves as a planning tool for the studies. The implementation is followed-up in cooperation with a Studies Coordinator. 

The degree programme language is English. Teaching, assignments, exams and the bachelor’s thesis are carried out in English. 

Even though you can complete most of your studies through online studies, the second year of the studies is very practical. This means going to the field, taking samples, carrying out analyses and interpreting the results. In other words, we learn through real assignments. Our environmental laboratory is very important in that process. We can perform very sophisticated analyses and measurements with modern measuring equipment

Bachelor´s thesis

Bachelor’s thesis provides you with the opportunity develop and show abilities to apply research knowledge and to use suitable methods to define and solve research problems. In addition, you learn skills to work independently as a high level professional.

The thesis process covers 15 ECTS credits, and the thesis is written and presented in English. All theses base on written contracts with external organizations, and at the same time, they are projects for the development of business life.

BYOD – Bring Your Own Device

According to Xamk’s BYOD policy, students must bring and use their own devices on campus. Read more.

Mikkeli Campus

Welcome to Mikkeli Campus

Study Guide

Study contents

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Admission and entrance exams

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Description of profession

The field of environmental engineering is expanding and developing rapidly around the world for ensuring good living environment in the future.

Working tasks could involve water and soil sampling, environmental monitoring, or you may plan and organize water acquisition and treatment processes. Your employers will be private companies, development agencies as well as research and development organizations.   

There is an ever-growing need for environmental management and engineering expertise. Environmental technologies (green technologies, clean technologies) are among the most rapidly developing technology fields.  

You could become a part of this field that needs internationally competent professionals for the future! 

Professional positions are, for example, the following:

  • consultant
  • quality manager
  • environmental advisor
  • environmental manager
  • environmental planning officer
  • environmental protection assistant
  • environmental specialist
  • environmental supervisor
  • instructor
  • planning, research or development engineer
  • project engineer

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Finland is the happiest country in the world. The Global Happiness Report has ranked Finland first for the fifth year in a row.
What is the secret? Find out what Finland is all about: nature, an excellent education system, a welfare state and unique culture. Finland is a great place to study for international students.

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Studies at Xamk

Xamk is the 5th largest university of applied sciences in Finland.

We provide education in eight fields of study, participate in research and development and provide services to the businesses and residents of the area.

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Environmental engineering laboratory

There is a path for you after Xamk to enter a master’s program of Aalto University!

Have you completed an UAS bachelor’s degree of engineering at Xamk with good grades? Have your optional studies especially enhanced your competence in mathematics and science? This kind of background gives you an opportunity to continue studies in Aalto University’s two-year-long master’s programmes in the field of technology and engineering.

The application process of the master’s programmes is competitive in nature. Admissions mainly base on the recognition of competences acquired in previous studies. There is no entrance examination.

Further information on studies

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tel. +358 50 312 5055

Further information on applying

Admission services
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