In this post you’ll hear tips for starting your studies from Xamk alumna Viveka. 

Are you starting your studies in Xamk in January? If so this post is great for you because today I’m sharing my tips for you! First of all I want to wish you a happy New Year of 2021 and congratulate you for your degree place.

Four years ago I was starting my journey at Xamk: In January 2017 I started studying in bachelor of business administration degree in Kouvola campus. I was really nervous and scared but at the same time so enormously excited. And here I’m today – graduated in BBA, specialised in digital business, working in Xamk community and marketing services. And yep, having so many great experiences, memories, knowledge and skills builded up in my study years. Now I want to encourage you to be the best version of yourself in your studies by sharing my advices.

Time to break a leg! 

Motivation is one the most important things in studying. Start the new chapter of your life with ambition and willpower. Be ready to challenge yourself but don’t forget to be also gracious.

Prepare and explore

Familiarize yourself in your school’s actions. In here you’ll find important information and student info package. Read the material carefully!

Be ready to network

Be open minded when meeting new people. Communicate and chat with your fellow students.

Pro tip: If you’re already not in the LinkedIn now it’s totally time to make a profile. LinkedIn is an online platform that connects the world’s professionals. It’s great place to communicate with people from Xamk and other organizations.

Be positive

With your own attitude you can effect for your own mindset. Be positive and optimistic.

Use To-Do lists and calendar

In student life you get to know all kinds of deadlines well. To reduce stress and manage deadlines in time use To-Do lists and mark things in calendar.

Find the best study methods for you

One of us learns best by listening, other by seeing and third by doing. Find the best methods for you by testing all kinds of techniques: read, write, draw, listen, speak, watch and take note what’s working best for you.

Now it’s time to wish you all the best into your studies. Hope you’ll enjoy! 

– Viveka Tiitola, BBA, Event coordinator, Xamk