The staff of sustainable wellbeing focus area consists of experts especially from the fields of social services, health, tourism, hospitality and youth.

The development work of the focus area is research-oriented, and based on newest available information and the utilization, application and testing of that information in cooperation with regional operators.

Examples of cooperation can be found in ongoing projects. The focus area also provides expert services tailored to the specific needs of customers.

Sustainable wellbeing projects provide excellent opportunities for the students of Xamk to enhance their own expertise and to complete their studies in the midst of real development tasks related to the field.

Spearheads of competence

Effective wellbeing services

We make use of wide-ranging research-based and measured data in developing wellbeing services, promoting healthy ways of living and strengthening people’s functional ability and work capacity. This data helps target the services and measures appropriately, improving their effectiveness and enabling the verification of their societal influence. We engage in close cooperation with entrepreneurs, various organizations and public sector representatives, both nationally and internationally.

Equality and empowerment of youth

The spearhead of competence combines youth research and youth sector development. Activities focus on strengthening youth participation, citizenship and equality as well as identifying factors related to social exclusion.

In youth related basic and applied research, active social interaction and applying the research results in the development work are at focus. Youth sector and youth service development is done especially with experimental culture methodology together with stakeholders.

Smart user-centered food services

The spearhead of competence researches and develops future food services. The aim is to improve food service processes, especially through the utilization of technology, digital solutions and data. In addition, the research related to the customers’ dining experiences and food choices forms a basis for the development of wellbeing supporting food services.



Research Director
Anu Haapala
Tel. +358 50 312 5123




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