Use of student’s own devices in studies

BYOD is an environment, which is widely used in many business and educational institutions. The BYOD environment is a collection of workstations, printing solutions, security, software, user management and so on.  For students it means that students primarily use their own devices like laptops.

New students arriving in Xamk will have our new policy in action. The new BYOD policy demands students bring their own devices, i.e. laptops, to campus.

What changes does BYOD mean for the student?

  • Own devices have fully working network services:
    •  studying does not depend on time and place
    • studying experience is even more personal.
  •  Students use devices and software as study tools, not a study object.
  • Basic knowledge of devices and software is essential part of obtaining professional skills in studying.

Minimum requirements and IT Support

Recommended equipment will be announced by Xamk. Student acquires equipment from desired vendor at own cost. Teaching will be planned and implemented according to equipment recommendation. You should have acquired your laptop before beginning the studies (see the exact date for beginning the studies from the information provided for your degree programme). Please note: Students of Game Design are advised to buy their own laptop, although students also have access to degree programmes’ computers due to the special requirements of their field.


Teaching will be planned to mainly use software that doesn’t cause any additional costs to students. Students can e.g. use Microsoft Office products free of charge. Students are responsible for their equipment licenses.

You are not required to have the software installed on your laptop when beginning the studies. It is however possible to install it already in advance, if you have access to your student user code prior to the studies (see further information from More detailed information on the used software and instructions for their installation is provided on Student intranet (requires login with your student user code).


Before starting your studies, you can ask for advice from the tutors in your degree programme (see the contact information from your degree programme’s instructions for beginning the studies) or through IT services customer support Xinfo at When submitting a ticket for support, please select “Add a service request” from the menu on the left, and send the request to “IT-support”.

Recommendation for equipment

  • Portable computer/laptop
  • At least 4 GB RAM, 8 GB preferred
  • Operating system Windows 10
  • CPU at least Intel i3 or equivalent, preferred i5 or equivalent
  • 5GHz WLAN
  • Recommended to acquire longer warranty period (more than 1 year) if possible
  • Recommended at least 14” display (Full HD or better)
  • SSD 128 GB or larger
  • Battery with long life. Need several hours operational time.
  • Camera, headphones and microphone.