Full-time studies

  • study places 25
  • location Mikkeli, Finland
  • duration of studies 4 years
  • next application period 4.-18.1.2023
  • tuition fee: for non-EU/EEA citizens 9700 euros,
    scholarship scheme and further information www.xamk.fi/tuition-fees

Find and utilize your personal strengths as a future IT-engineer

The Information technology (IT) program allows you to join the developers of the future.

The IT program gives you a solid foundation on IT and allows you to specialize in the field of your own interest with flexible study plan. With this method, you can find and utilize your personal strengths as a future IT engineer.

The program is built around three key themes: networking, data centers and IoT (Internet of Things) which are supported with other topics such as information security, programming and project studies.

The studies are carried out in our modern and comfortable campus, with state-of-the-art IT equipment.


In our IT programme you focus on computer networking and implementation of services in a modern data center environment. You learn to build secure Internet-connected wired or wireless local area networks. You can manage and run server environments and understand how data centers operate. Information and network security is also an important part of the studies.

Different IT skills are combined together in IoT systems with which you learn how to develop and prototype services and understand their possibilities in global business.

You also learn programming, which allows you to develop and customize services for your needs. A personal study plan allows you to customize your studies based on your own interests and skills.

data centers | IoT (Internet of Things) | networks | programming | servers

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Structure of studies

Your competences grow in steps while progressing in your studies. The studies involve modules of usually three courses, and 15 ECTS credits, but there are also annual themes for each study year. 

During the first year you are an active learner finding your best learning techniques and working life skills. You gain fundamental IT skills and learn basic programming. Courses in computer hardware, operating systems, networking and information security give a background to further develop technical knowledge. The firstyear studies also include ITrelated mathematics and physics courses. 

During the second year you enhance your knowledge of networking and gain practical skills to design, install, configure and manage secure computer networks. You also become familiar with modern server and data center environments as well as start studying IoT systems. In addition, you develop your programming skills and gain important background knowledge of computer electronics and mathematics courses.  

During the third year you combine your skills and knowhow by implementing services and prototypes with IoT devices and servers. You also practice project management skills and have a chance to participate in various projects. After gaining all the essential IT skills for your studies, you can select optional advanced topics according to your own interests.  

The fourth year is the time to complete your bachelor’s thesis. It is wise to start this project of 15 ECTS credits early, and it typically relates to working life. The practical training included in the studies can also be carried out at this time, or earlier, for example, during the summer breaks. 

We organize a large part of the studies through Microsoft and Cisco academies, which allows our students to complete Microsoft and Cisco certifications. This is a valuable advantage when searching for a job in the IT market. 

Our Cisco networking lab allows building versatile networking scenarios and getting hands-on experience in working with real devices. We also utilize virtual environments to enable running larger and more complex environments. Our teaching environment also includes a modern data center environment where students get to practice data center configuration and management tasks. 

Instruction in this degree programme is in English.

BYOD – Bring Your Own Device

According to Xamk’s BYOD policy new students starting studies at Xamk must bring and use their own devices on campus. However, most of the studies in the Degree Programme of Information Technology are carried out in our modern computer classrooms with all the special hardware and applications needed.

Read more about BYOD.

Study Guide

Study contents

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Admission and entrance exams

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Mikkeli campus

Welcome to Mikkeli Campus

Information Technology facilities

Career opportunities

The Degree Programme in Information Technology gives you broad IT skills and allows specializing in an area based on your own strengths. This helps you to find your first job.

The role of IT is constantly increasing in our daily life. There is a strong demand for new types of smart systems to support daily routines and wellbeing. Especially the IoT environment is gaining popularity and is expected to change the current business.

Information technology is needed in all areas of business and this opens huge opportunities for an IT professional. Many of our students have found a job related to programming. Other common job options include, for example, working as server and data center managers, implementing services, working with modern cloud environments, designing and managing computer networks, building IoT environments and implementing services with them, or working in IT consulting.

Observis Trainee program

As an IT-student at Xamk you have the opportunty to take part in Observis Trainee program and receive work life based assignments, trainee positions and topics for your thesis. This path can also lead you to a more permanent position with Observis. Find out more.

Professional IT job positions are, for example, the following:

  • data architect
  • database administrator
  • data center specialist
  • information system designer
  • IoT designer
  • IT consultant
  • IT engineer
  • network specialist
  • project manager
  • server administrator
  • software developer
  • software engineer
  • technical specialist

Our graduates are highly valued and respected by employers.

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There is a path for you after Xamk to enter a master’s program of Aalto University!

Have you completed an UAS bachelor’s degree of engineering at Xamk with good grades? Have your optional studies especially enhanced your competence in mathematics and science? This kind of background gives you an opportunity to continue studies in Aalto University’s two-year-long master’s programmes in the field of technology and engineering.

The application process of the master’s programmes is competitive in nature. Admissions mainly base on the recognition of competences acquired in previous studies. There is no entrance examination.

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