Xamk Open University of Applied Sciences is the largest and most popular Open University of Applied Sciences in Finland.

We have:

  • 5 140 students, including
  • 35 different nationalities
  • 540 study modules, most of them in Finnish.

Online studies are popular and 43% of studies are completed online. Open UAS studies are intended for all regardless of age or educational background! Our online courses in English are free of charge.



Studies at Open University of Applied Sciences
~ are intended for all regardless of age or educational background
~ base on the curricula of Xamk University of Applied Sciences
~ are carried out either among degree programme students or in separately organized groups
~ do not result in graduation and are therefore not regarded as full-time studies
~ credits are fully compatible with the ECTS.

Open UAS studies are for you if you

~ want to update, develop or enhance your expertise,
~ are considering studies at an university of applied sciences in the future or
~ are into increasing your general knowledge of areas of your interest

However, OUAS studies are not intented for Xamk’s degree students.


Free Online Studies on Tourism and Business Management!

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Xamk Open UAS offers Online Courses on many fields of education, eg.:
- Business and entrepreneurship
- Information Technology and Digitality
- Health Care and Wellbeing
- Finnish

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Summer & Fall 2019: School-based studies with Xamk OUAS

Xamk Open University of Applied Sciences (OUAS) offers possibilities to study in English at one of our campuses in Finland: XAMK Mikkeli, XAMK Kouvola, XAMK Kotka or XAMK Savonlinna.


Xamk International Summer Term

Through Xamk Open UAS anyone can now sign up for International Summer Term 2019 with Xamk Degree and Exchange students! Contact studies are held in Mikkeli and Kouvola. Browse our courses and sign up in Training Calendar.

Summer Term selection in Training Calendar


Path studies

Path studies means studying a bachelor or master degree’s first year with Xamk OUAS. After studying the first year with OUAS you are eligible to apply for a degree student placement in Xamk. If you are then accepted as a degree student, your path studies are accredited. Path studies cost 175 euros per semester. We accept enrollments in the order they come in. Our current selection of Path studies are either daytime or part-time studies. This means you will have to attend classes on one of our campuses here in Finland.

The next enrollment to Path studies is in 1.-7.8.2019 in training calendar.

All of our English Path studies selection will be added to our Training Calendar by the end of May, 2019.

Next Fall’s path studies in Training Calendar


NB. Xamk OUAS is not able to arrange accomodation or transportation.

Studying at Xamk Open UAS

As a student at OUAS
you are not entitled to a study grant or other study-related social benefits. Unemployed job seeker can usually complete studies without losing unemployment compensation. However, it is strongly recommended to ask your own labor union, the employment agency or Kela for the decision in advance. More information here. In order to complete a degree at Xamk, you must have the qualifications required for UAS studies. More information at studyinfo.fi.

All of our online courses in English are free of charge.
Courses that include contact lessons cost EUR 12 / credit.
Semester fee is EUR 175,- (autumn or spring)

Our courses are available in Training Calendar.

International students
If you are planning to come and study in Finland, depending on your nationality, you may need a visa or residence permit. These permits are not granted solely based on open UAS studies. For further information please visit Study in Finland or website of the Finnish Immigration Service.

Foreign students are not covered by the statutory accident insurance or the voluntary group accident insurance of Xamk. It is recommended that you take your own insurance.


Gain ECTS credits
By completing Xamk Open University of Applied Sciences study modules you will be awarded with ECT credits. These can be used towards European higher education degree programmes.

More information about ECTS.



Students are taken in the enrolment order to the Open UAS studies . If the course is full, you can still enrol on waiting list. If a vacant place comes available, you will be notified by email. The online enrolment ends approximately 2 weeks before the starting date of the course.


Support during your studies


Email: openstudies@xamk.fi

Introducing our students

Xamk Open UAS set Zehira up for full-time studies

Bahamian Zehira studied online with Finnish Xamk Open UAS

These studies have shaped my life and have increased my interest in studying more and more

Zimbabwian Robert appreciates the quality of Finnish education

Being a path student in Open UAS was significant for my future

For Bolivian Kenia studying with Xamk Open UAS paved her way to degree studies

From open path to degree student

Xamk OUAS organizes open path studies that start once a year in August or September. The enrolment period is usually in the beginning of August / at the end of November.

The idea of path studies is to study first year studies amongst degree students as a full member of the group. The aim is to complete a certain amount of credits during that first year.

Xamk has following degree programmes that may offer study places for OUAS path students

  • Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business (BBA)
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Information Technology (B.Eng)
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Environmental Engineering (B.Eng)
  • Bachelor of Culture and Arts, Game Design
  • Master of Engineering, Cybersecurity
  • Master of Business Administration, International business management
  • Master of Health Care/Social Services, Health Promotion
  • Master of Culture and Arts, Degree Programme in Design

You can apply from open path to degree studies after you have completed the following amount of studies at Xamk:

• min. 60 credits of bachelor level studies or
• min. 15/60 or 30/90 credits of master level studies (depending on the extent of the degree).

The suitability of Open path studies / single courses completed outside Xamk (or Kymenlaakso or Mikkeli UAS) is individually considered.




Open study paths in English starting on August 2019:

  • Open study path to Bachelor of Culture and Arts, Game Design
  • Open study path to Bachelor of  Engineering, Environmental Engineering
  • Open study path to Bachelor of  Engineering, Information Technology
  • Open study path to Master of Business Administration, International Business Management
  • Open study path to Master of Engineering, Cybersecurity


Enrolment on path studies takes place on OUAS’s training calendar between 1-7 August 2019. The enrolment form opens at 9am (local time Finland, Helsinki UTC+2).




At the end of your open UAS studies, you will receive an official certificate. However, if you are studying our online courses, and you are not a citizen of Finland, you will receive the certificate by email in PDF-form. If you later become a full-time student at Xamk University of Applied Sciences, your studies at Open UAS can be included in your degree studies. When starting degree studies, remember to discuss the eligibility of the credit transfer with your lecturer.


Grading system
Completed courses are graded on the scale 1 – 5 or with H “accepted”. The evaluation is carried out by the lecturers responsible for the course. Factors that affect the grading are presence at the lectures and both written and spoken assignments according to the instructions given at the beginning of each course

The following grading system is in use:
The Finnish Grading Scale (5-H) / The ECTS Grading Scale (A-F)


5 = excellent: outstanding performance with only minor errors A
4 = very good: above average but with some errors B
3 = good: generally sound work with a number of notable errors C
2 = satisfactory: fair but with significant shortcomings D
1 = sufficient: performance meets the minimum criteria E
0 = fail: some more work required before the credit can be awarded FX
0 = fail: considerable further work is required F
H = accepted

You are requested to submit student grades using the Finnish Grading Scale.
It is advisable to work with percentages and then convert into the Finnish Grading Scale, i.e.

89 – 100 p. = 5 (Excellent )
77 – 88 p. = 4 (Very good)
65 – 76 p. = 3 (Good )
53 – 64 p. = 2 (Highly satisfactory)
40 – 52 p. = 1 (Satisfactory)
The student’s annual workload of 1600 hours is worth 60 ECTS credits.

degree programmes at xamk

Are you looking for information on Bachelor or Master Degree Programmes?


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email: openstudies(a)xamk.fi
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