Xamk Pulse Open University of Applied Sciences is the largest and most popular Open University of Applied Sciences in Finland.

Xamk Pulse studies are intended for all regardless of age or educational background.

Xamk Pulse studies also

  • accumulate ECTS credits
  • are carried out either online or among degree programme students on our campuses in Finland
  • do not result in graduation and are therefore not regarded as full-time studies
  • are based on the curricula of Xamk University of Applied Sciences
  • cost EUR 12 / credit or semester fee EUR 175, we also have many courses free of charge
  • are not intended for Xamk degree students.

The extent and duration of the studies varies, and you can choose the most suitable way of studying for you. Xamk Pulse offers:

  • individual courses, the extent of which is 2-5 ECTS credits
  • Diplomas of Higher Education (in Finnish korkeakouludiplomit) and Expert trainings (in Finnish osaajakoulutukset), which extent is 30 or 60 ECTS credits
  • UAS route studies for general upper secondary students and for vocational students (in Finnish väylä opinnotlukiolaisille and väyläopinnot ammattiin opiskeleville). UAS route studies are open UAS studies that can be completed by upper secondary students as part of their upper secondary level degree in Finland.
  • path studies for students intending to apply for degree studies in Xamk later

Do you want to update, expand or deepen your expertise? With Xamk Pulse learning happens your way. Whether you are interested in an individual course or more extensive studies, you can pick and choose from a wide variety of courses offered by Pulse.

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Examples of Pulse studies

Xamk Open University Introduction to Video Games Creation

Introduction to Video Games Creation, 25 ECTS cr

97 % of course participants are willing to recommend our online course on Introduction to Video Games Creation!
Courses are free of charge!

Enrol here

Sustainable development in healthcare (nonstop start), 5 ECTS cr

Free online studies.

Enrol here

The Challenges of Health Care for Mothers and Children in Developing Countries (nonstop start), 5 ECTS cr

Free online studies.

Enrol here

Diploma of Higher Education in Tourism and Service Business Management, 60 credits

Gain expertise in rapidly growing tourism industry!
The diploma consists of 3 modules and a total of 12 courses, which you can start on nonstop basis and do at your own pace. Courses are free of charge.

Learn more of this diploma on our Course Calendar!

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Are you planning to study at Xamk Pulse OUAS or have you already enrolled for studies? Maybe you have already completed your studies at Xamk OUAS?

Information on OUAS studies

Path studies


The idea of path studies is to study first year of degree studies amongst degree students as a full member of the group. The aim is to complete a certain amount of credits during that first year. Path studies do not result in graduation.

  • There is no application process, open path students are taken in enrolment order
  • Enrolment takes place twice a year in August and December (studies start in September or January).
  • Path studies are carried out in Finland, on Xamk campuses or in some cases online.
  • Path studies cost EUR 175 per semester (spring/fall), EUR 350 for the whole academic year.
  • After completing the first year´s studies, you are eligible to apply for a place in degree studies on the basis of completed credits. More info here.


  • If you decide to come and study in Finland, depending on your nationality, you may need a visa or a residence permit. You cannot get a residence permit based on Open UAS path studies. More info here.
  • Foreign students are not covered by the insurances of Xamk, so it is highly recommended that you take your own insurance.


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Get to know Introduction to Video Games Creation (IVGCC) students

IVGCC provided Jenni hands-on experience in video games development

Xamk Open UAS set Zehira up for full-time studies

Bahamian Zehira studied online with Finnish Xamk Open UAS

These studies have shaped my life and have increased my interest in studying more and more

Zimbabwian Robert appreciates the quality of Finnish education

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We primarily respond to students’ inquiries by email within three working days. If you want to visit, Xamk Pulse offices are open on Wednesdays from 9 am to 3 pm at all four Xamk’s campuses in Kotka, Kouvola, Mikkeli and Savonlinna.

If you have questions about enrolment, student IDs, course fees, transcripts of records and study certificates or other study policies, you can find more information here.

If you can’t find an answer on our website or if you need advice on planning your open UAS studies, please contact our education experts. We are happy to help you in English and in Finnish! Unfortunately, our customer service is not available in other languages. You can contact us at openstudies@xamk.fi


Course calendar

Xamk Pulse course calendar

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