Finland has two types of higher education institutions: universities and universities of applied sciences (UAS).

Universities focus on scientific research and education based on it. Universities of applied sciences, on the other hand, offer a pragmatic education that responds to working life needs.

Studies at a university of applied sciences (UAS) focus on professional and practical know-how and skills. The practical experience provided by UAS studies is highly appreciated in many jobs and duties. UAS Bachelor’s level studies also gives you the opportunity to apply for further studies, such as completing a UAS master’s level degree and continuing as far as a doctoral degree.

Practical training

Our bachelor’s degrees always include supervised practical training that gives you the opportunity to apply the knowledge learnt in theory into practice. You will become familiar with the duties of your own field in real working environments.

Nursing students at the hospital

Participation in RDI

Participation also in RDI (research, development and innovation) brings new dimensions to studies. You can gain experience in real research projects, challenge yourself to work like professionals and learn to identify what development requires.

Projects with working life orientation give a chance for networking. You can already contact your possible future employers.

The emphasis in applied research is interwoven in everything that Xamk does.

There are always different types of projects going on in the RDI department of Xamk, which is the biggest among all Finnish universities of applied sciences, and students can get involved and pursue their interests.
– Prakhar Sharma, Xamk alumni

“Offering our students opportunities to do applied research is something that we like to tell the world about. In many other countries educational institutions are just realizing the opportunities that linking studies and research brings. We have had wide co-operation programmes with world´s top 100 universities for many decades. We also have a long history related to applied research on globally relevant topics, such as environmental issues.”
– Santeri Koivisto, Xamk Head of International Affairs and Education

Entrepreneurship and startups

One of Xamk’s primary ambitions is to foster entrepreneurship. For example, *ship Startup Festival supports the next generation of entrepreneurs.

In Xamk you have the opportunity to develop your own individual skills and refine your ideas already during your studies. You can also join our community without your own business idea and work as a team with other like-minded people. In Xamk we organize all kinds of events and projects regarding entrepreneurship of which many also find inspiration for their future as well as training opportunities.