Quality policy and quality culture

Our personnel and students as a community are committed to quality work

Each member of the Xamk community is responsible for the quality and development of his/her own activities. Our quality culture rises from this atmosphere of individual and collective development.

The purpose is continuous development of quality together with maintaining the strengths. The principles of quality work are transparency, reliability and confidentiality.

Xamk’s quality management and its principles are described in our quality policy that is implemented through the quality system in the following way:  

  • Xamk values quality. The strategic management and operational steering base on the information systematically produced by the quality system.
  • High-quality operations ensure Xamk’s societal impact that play an important role in its competitivity.
  • Quality targets, their maintenance and improvement base on Xamk strategy and integrate into Xamk’s and its different units’ operations.
  • Quality assessment and development tools selected involve efficient and economical methods and operation models that motivate students and staff in improving quality.
  • Quality work follows the principles of transparency, reliability and confidentiality.
  • The quality system and the data produced are documented on the staff and student intranets and on the Xamk website according to the user group needs.
  • Communication on the information produced by the quality system is active.

Our quality slogan is

All For the Quality!

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