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Sustainable wellbeing

Sufficiency solutions for a resilient, green, and just Finland (SISU)

SISU seeks to harness the untapped potential of sufficiency solutions. The main…
Digital economy

The Big Green

In The Big Green project, we are bringing environmentally-engaged artists under one…
Forest environment and energy

Sustainable packaging solutions of the bio-circular economy

The EU has set ambitious circular economy targets for industrial packaging. The…


The goal of the project is to build a national network for…
Digital economy


Co-vision fosters contemporary storytelling about the endangered local natural heritage.
Digital economy

Common steps towards inclusion and partnership

We create new ways of working for people's social participation, increasing their…
Digital economy

Varustamo – supporting entrepreneurs through business transfer

Creating a service model for business transfer to Kymenlaakso.
Forest environment and energy

ReseptiRobotti – More Efficient Product Development with the Help of Published Information

A prototype of a digital tool will be developed to enhance the…
Forest environment and energy

HIFO – Hybrid intermediate floor optimization for wood construction

The aim of the project is to improve the design, cost and…
Sustainable wellbeing


Tools for European youth workers to implement peace education. OBJECTIVES In this…
Photo. Two persons making a heart with their hands.
Sustainable wellbeing

Helper – Sustainable employment paths for immigrants

The aim of the project is to improve immigrants inclusion, access to…
Forest environment and energy

Higher added value biochar and its value chain – ARVOHIILI, investments

In ARVOHIILI, investments project, the laboratory equipment regarding R&D will be developed…
Forest environment and energy

Stones for circulation – Reuse reduces the carbon footprint of concrete

The low-carbon circular economy model, from a test laboratory to an industrial…
Ilmastovastuullisen ympäristörakentamisen osaamismiljööt - hankekuva
Digital economy

Learning environments for climate-responsible outdoor structures – Ilmastovastuullisen ympäristörakentamisen osaamismiljööt

The aim of the Learning environments for climate-responsible outdoor structures -project is…
Forest environment and energy

GENESIS – Green energy system and new sector integration value chains

In GENESIS- project the main goal is to develop sustainable future for…

Geoenergy Leap

Promotes the utillization of geoenergy in the providences.
Truck driving on a bridge at sunny weather. Sea, harbour and windmills are behind. Railroadtrack goes by the bridge. Bus drives opposite line of the truck.
Logistics and seafaring

AkKuLOG – Sustainable transportation logistics in the battery industry

Sustainable transportation logistics and commuting in the battery industry.
Forest environment and energy

Geoenergy Leap – Investment

In the project a medium-deep geoenergy well will be invested in Kymenlaakso. 
Forest environment and energy

Higher value added biochar and its value chains – ARVOHIILI

In ARVOHIILI project, biochar is studied to develop biochar based products with…
Logistics and seafaring

RuokoLog – Logistics and availability of lake reed

The RuokoLog project studies the logistic chains of lake reed and how…

KEKE – Boosting sustainable food sector in Kymenlaakso

“KEKE – Boosting Sustainable Food Sector in Kymenlaakso” is an ambitious development…
Forest environment and energy

Stones for circulation, investments – Reuse reduces the carbon footprint of concrete

Increasing RDI activities by investing in a low-carbon circular economy model.
AM-MOVE hankekuva
Forest environment and energy

AM-MOVE – 3D printed green technology products for electric mobility

In the AM-MOVE project, ecological vehicles are being developed using 3D printing…
Digital economy

Coder Workshop

The Coder Workshop project creates a professional working environment for students, allowing…

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