For alumni

Alumni activities refer to the long-term collaboration between a university and its graduates.

Everyone who has completed a degree at a university is an alum.

As our Alum, you are an important Xamk Ambassador for us in Finland and in the world, and we want to be able to bring added value to you.

Find the most suitable form of alumni activities for you, become active in our network of over 30 000 alumni, and get inspired by cooperation!

All graduates of Kymenlaakso-, Mikkeli- and South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences are Xamk alumni. Since 2020 all our alumni are automatically joined as members of our alumni registry. If you wish to join the registry yourself, your contact information changes along the way, or you want to keep us up to speed on your employment situation for the alumni activities, we kindly request you update your info in Xamk’s Alumniportal.

Xamk is a valued partner regionally, nationally, and internationally.
You will always be one of us, and we hope to hear from you even after you graduate!

Add the time of your graduation and Xamk – South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences in “Education” on your profile and follow us.

Follow us on Instagram: Xamkfi, where we publish actively alumni-related content as well.

Don’t hold back with tagging us in your posts, on which you feel connected to your former University; we are happy to react in our alumni’s publications, which we have the honor to be included in.

The Alumni portal enables cooperation

As a Xamk alum, you can cooperate with us in the way that suits you best.

Tell us your wishes and needs for alumni activities that are valid for the time being through the portal.

Through the portal, you will also receive an alumni newsletter in your email, in which we post monthly topics that might interest you. You can cancel the newsletter at any time, subscribing to it is not a prerequisite for any other cooperation marked on the portal.

If you wish to learn more about Xamk’s business cooperation, please read the section University-Business Cooperation with Xamk on this page.

Alumni portal

Keeping your contact information up to date is important to help guarantee interaction between Xamk and you. In the alumni portal, you can update your contact information in Xamk’s alumni register for successful cooperation in alumni activities.

Develop your skills at Finland’s largest open university of applied sciences, Xamk Pulse!

All the graduates

have the right to free continuous learning for two years after graduation!

Work life collaboration with Xamk

Does your company need help navigating the changing work environment? In collaboration with Xamk, you will gain new perspectives and the right tools to build a better tomorrow.

Our forms of collaboration are divided into four broad categories:

Student Collaboration
Service Activities
Research, Development, and Innovation Activities
Continuing Education

Alum of the year

Since 2018 we have nominated the Alum of the Year.
The alumni who have received this honorable mention have actively cooperated with Xamk in different alumni activities. Anyone can nominate an alum throughout the year from the form below.

The Alum of the Year will be nominated in upcoming October. The honorary mention will be awarded to the Alum in Xamk’s graduation ceremony in December.

The alumni of the year: 2022 Riikka Peni: Bachelor of Health Care, 2021 Inka Häkkinen: Bachelor of Health Care, 2020 Roosa-Maria Manninen: Bachelor of Business Administration, 2019 Tiina Heikari: Bachelor of Culture and Arts, 2018 Satu Temonen: Bachelor of Business Administration.

Alumni stories

Read study and career stories from our alumni! If you wish to share your story, please do not hesitate to contact us,, your story will be highly appreciated!

Alumni benefits

Finnish business mentors

“Business Mentors Finland support small businesses success.”

Xamk cooperates with Business Mentors to build and develop entrepreneurship communities.
Business sponsors spar and mentor Xamk’s students and alumni for free with business development.

In addition to the campus regions, as a Xamk alum you can also utilise the nationwide network of the Business Mentors.“Business Mentors Finland support small businesses success.”

Work stations at Kohoa Synergy Centre in Kouvola

Kohoa Synergy Centre is a platform for cooperation, entrepreneurship and education, as well as a multiplier of the potential of its community members.

One of the goals of Xamk and Kohoa’s cooperation is to create a communal hub for entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial activities in Kouvola.

As an alum of Xamk, you can reserve work stations at Xamk’s facilities in Kohoa through Xamk’s Alumni Coordinator. The workstations are located in Xamk’s common room. Workstations include a height-adjustable desk, a monitor, and a power outlet. In addition, alumni can use the Xamk premises to organize e.g. work-related meetings or events, when separately agreed. Please reserve via e-mail from Xamk’s alumni coordinator Laura Häkkinen,

Career monitoring survey

The nationally significant career monitoring survey collects up-to-date information about the post-graduation working careers of those, who have completed the bachelor’s- or master’s degree. The survey concentrates on the degrees’ suitability for working life. The survey is sent annually to all alumni of each University of Applied Sciences, who have graduated 5 years before.

It is your answer that is extremely important to us because every missing answer prevents us from forming an overall picture of how we have succeeded in our operations, and what we could develop.
So please tell us how the knowledge you gained in your studies has been beneficial in your working life. Your effort in filling out the survey helps us to develop.

Heikki Saastamoinen
CEO and President, South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences, Xamk

More information about career monitoring survey and results you can get from Director of Administration and Finance, Tero Tallinen.