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Are you looking for new ways to develop the skills and strengthen the expertise of your staff? Explore our versatile training opportunities – we offer training packages, tailored solutions, and flexible micro-courses. Learn more and find the option that suits your needs!

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Continuing education at Xamk Pulse

Xamk’s open university of applied sciences and continuing education is known as Xamk Pulse. Xamk Pulse is designed for anyone eager for knowledge, regardless of age or educational background.

Xamk Pulse’s continuing education offers market-priced training for professionals in various fields. From our versatile offerings, you can find ready-made training options for developing and deepening expertise.

Explore our continuing education programs through the training calendar and choose the most suitable training solution.

Edufication = Education + Finland + Modification

Edufication is Xamk’s innovative online training business unit. Our mission is to transform knowledge, skills, and experience into digital products that bring value and joy of learning.

A top-notch online platform and an efficient production process form the foundation of our services. With these, we provide comprehensive solutions for developing digital learning products, from ideation to course publishing and maintenance.

Micro-courses are suitable for anyone interested in independent learning. From our selection, you can find courses in fields such as emergency medicine, self-leadership, and visualization. Join us and develop your skills flexibly and effectively!

Customized training programs for diverse personnel development need

Tailored training is designed to meet the specific needs of the company and its employees. This ensures that the training focuses on the skills and knowledge that employees need to perform their jobs more effectively and efficiently. The training is thus as relevant and useful as possible for the company’s operations.

Tailored training is flexible in terms of time and content, allowing it to be better aligned with the company’s schedules and business rhythm. Tailored training can be designed to quickly adapt to changing market situations, technological innovations, or other current challenges and opportunities.

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