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Xamk Pulse Open University of Applied Sciences is the largest and most popular Open University of Applied Sciences in Finland.

Live to learn.

The Open University of Applied Sciences at Xamk is known as Xamk Pulse

At Xamk Pulse, you can update, expand, or deepen your expertise. Most of the courses are online, allowing you to choose where and when you study. With over 28,000 students annually, the largest open university of applied sciences in Finland offers you a chance to join them. Are you one of them?

Xamk Pulse is suitable for you if you want to


Choose the most suitable way of studying for you

Xamk Pulse offers:

  • individual courses, the extent of which is 2-5 ECTS credits. The majority of the courses is carried out online and on a nonstop start basis.
  • Diplomas of Higher Education (in Finnish korkeakouludiplomit) and Expert trainings (in Finnish osaajakoulutukset), which extent is 60 or 30 credits.
  • UAS route studies for general upper secondary students and for vocational students (in Finnish väyläopinnot lukiolaisille and väyläopinnot ammattiin opiskeleville). UAS route studies are open UAS studies that can be completed by upper secondary students as part of their upper secondary level degree in Finland.
  • path studies for students intending to apply for degree studies in Xamk later.

Will I be student at Xamk Pulse?

Several sub-options

At Xamk Pulse, you can enhance your expertise in various fields. The training calendar offers over 700 courses, providing suitable options for everyone.

Diverse forms of education

The majority of our course offerings are conducted online, allowing you to study wherever and whenever you prefer. Blended learning options are available across all Xamk campuses.

Affordable studying

Open University of Applied Sciences studies and continuing education are priced based on the specific program. We also offer completely free courses.

We also offer larger educational packages

In addition to individual courses, we provide comprehensive programs such as university diplomas and specialized training.

Frequently asked questions about Xamk Pulse

Xamk Pulse’s Open University of Applied Sciences studies do not require an application process. Therefore, anyone can enroll in our courses and start their studies. Enrollment is done through the ‘Enrol’ button in the course details on our training calendar.

For some courses, there may be prerequisites related to prior qualifications or skills. If there are any prerequisites, they will be specified in the course details.

In the Path studies starting in 2025, student selection is based on the points obtained from the motivation study module.

For smooth progress in higher education studies, it’s beneficial to be proficient in using a computer and, in some cases, common office software like Word. Our user-friendly online learning environment is based on Moodle, known as Learn.

In more extensive study contexts, you’ll need information retrieval skills and proficiency in citing sources. Xamk’s library services provide a comprehensive electronic guide on referencing and source citation.

We recommend using either a desktop computer or a laptop for your studies. Some courses may involve task types that cannot be completed on a tablet or smartphone.

While Xamk Pulse’s studies are at the university level, it’s essential to recognize that study readiness and skills develop over time, even if they may require some initial practice.

Studies cost EUR 12-45 / credit or semester fee EUR 175. We also have many courses free of charge.

Xamk Pulse studies offer flexible learning opportunities for those who want to combine education with work. These studies are primarily conducted online, allowing you to complete them regardless of time or location.

From a wide range of educational offerings, you can choose the right amount of studies for yourself, often starting at a convenient time. For example, courses that start nonstop allow you to begin within about a week of registration.

The extent and workload of studies are described in ECTS credits. One ECTS credit corresponds to approximately 27 hours of student work. The actual workload can vary significantly based on factors like the student’s prior education, work history, and general study skills. Remember that Xamk Pulse studies are at the university level, so having good IT skills is essential for participation.

Teachers record assessments in the Peppi information system no later than one month after the end date of the study module. If the study module is ongoing nonstop, the teacher will announce the assessment dates on the Learn platform for that module.

Do you have a question? Contact us or visit our office!

We primarily respond to students’ inquiries by email within three working days. If you want to visit, Xamk Pulse offices are open on Wednesdays from 9 am to 3 pm at all four Xamk’s campuses in Kotka, Kouvola, Mikkeli and Savonlinna.

Hox! Due to the Kotka campus moving, Pulse don’t have a customer service in Kotka on August.

If you have questions about enrolment, student IDs, course fees, transcripts of records and study certificates or other study policies, you can find more information here.

If you can’t find an answer on our website or if you need advice on planning your open UAS studies, please contact our education experts. We are happy to help you in English and in Finnish! Unfortunately, our customer service is not available in other languages. You can contact us at