We support entrepreneurship

Xamk’s strategic goal is to strengthen the vitality and internationalization of Southeastern Finland together with other actors in the region. We work closely with the labor and business sectors and encourage our students towards entrepreneurship.

Xamk supports entrepreneurship and economic life of South-Eastern Finland

We support entrepreneurship and economic life of the region

The primary mission of the university is to produce skilled workforce for the region and the business sector. However, the constantly changing business sector also requires entrepreneurship and an entrepreneurial mindset, which Xamk promotes by offering various expert services and education.

For students, Xamk provides an entrepreneurship education path that combines different fields of study and RDI activities, aiming to promote the emergence of new businesses. Annually, the international *ship Startup Festival is organized, providing an opportunity for both our own students and others to present and test their new business ideas. Approximately 3.5% of the graduates from degree programs work as entrepreneurs.

Strong research, development, and innovation work

Through strong research, development, and innovation work (RDI), Xamk specifically supports the renewal of SMEs and seeks solutions to the challenges of data economy, green transition, and sustainable well-being. Xamk’s expertise in RDI directly contributes to the applied development of the region’s business sector and supports sustainability and the green transition.

In 2023, there were 223 ongoing RDI projects, of which 31 were international projects. The projects involved 1129 different stakeholder partners. Through Xamk’s RDI activities, external funding of 19.3 million euros was directed towards regional development, placing it at the forefront nationally in terms of funding volume.

Research on entrepreneurship and innovation

In order for the future to be more predictable, manageable, and profitable for all of us, Xamk also offers its expertise to businesses and communities. Xamks research and education unit focuses on entrepreneurship and innovation, with an emphasis on student entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship education, support for new businesses and entrepreneurs, startup activities, and innovation development.

Xamk provides stakeholders with research, development, and innovation services, training and coaching, as well as services supporting student entrepreneurship. In collaboration with Xamk, companies and entrepreneurs gain new perspectives and the right tools for building a better tomorrow.

Our forms of collaboration are divided into four broad categories:

  1. Student collaboration
  2. Service activities
  3. Research, development, and innovation activities
  4. Continuing education