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The Admission services are at your service in matters related to applying for the degree programmes at Xamk.

We compile the selection criteria, manage the application process, and coordinate entrance exams. We provide advice and guidance on matters related to applying.

Xamk offers degree programmes for applying via joint applications (spring/autumn) and separate applications.

Supplementary application period 29 July – 8 August

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Joint applications

Studyinfo service provides information on all higher education study programmes in Finland. In Joint Application, you can apply to several study programmes and universities and universities of applied sciences with one application form. Note that you cannot change the study programmes or the order of them after the application has closed. Many higher education institutions also offer Direct Applications for their programmes. You can submit an application in Joint Application and in Direct Applications but you can only accept one offer of admission for studies beginning in the same semester.

Submit your application on Studyinfo service. A link to the Joint Application application form can be found on the front page of Studyinfo during the application period. Link to Direct Application to Xamk is published on our website. You can also find a link to all application forms on the programme descriptions on Studyinfo. Note that the application always closes on the last application day at 3 pm Finnish time. You are only allowed to submit one application form in one application.

You are asked to provide information about your personal details, email address, educational background and in some cases, work experience on the application form. If you submit more than one application, only the most recent one is considered.

Applying in the Joint Application

Applications for joint higher education admissions are made in the Studyinfo portal. The link to the joint application form can be found on the Studyinfo homepage during the application period.

You can select 1-6 study options on your application form in order of preference, meaning the order in which you hope to be admitted to them (in the first joint application of spring, the order of preferences does not matter). You cannot change, add, or remove study options after the application period has ended.

Upload any requested attachments to the application form as instructed. The application period ends at 3 PM on the last application day. Make sure you have received a confirmation email after submitting the application form.

Track the progress of your application in the My Studyinfo service and keep an eye on your email throughout the application process (also check your spam folder).

Mies katsoo itsuen kannettavn tietokoneen ruutua.



Admission requirements in the joint application process depend on the study program. Read more about eligibility.

Ihminen jonka vain kädet näkyvät, piirtää viivottimen avulla karttaan.

Attachments to application

Attachments to application

Attachments for the joint application are added to the application form. Read more about the required attachments.

Kolme ihmistä katsoo tietokoneen näyttöä.

Student selection

Student selection

How students are selected and what selection methods are used. Read more about student selection.

Seperate application

Separate applications are organized outside the joint application periods, primarily for degree programs. Continuing previously incomplete studies, completing open UAS studies (so-called pathway studies), or intending to transfer from one university of applied sciences or program to another can be situations where applying through separate applications may be relevant.

Applying in Separate application

Depending on the separate application, applying is done either through the Studyinfo portal or via a separate electronic form

You can see the descriptions and application periods for separate applications on the separate applications page.

Join a community of over 12 000 students.

Studies at a university of applied sciences (UAS) focus on professional and practical know-how and skills. The practical experience provided by UAS studies is highly appreciated in many jobs and duties.

We offer excellent degree programmes with working life orientation.

Find the campus town of your dreams!

Xamk has campuses in four towns: Kotka, Kouvola, Savonlinna and Mikkeli. The range of services on our campuses are wide; restaurants, libraries, as well as services to promote studying and your well-being. The learning environments – classrooms, auditoriums, laboratories, workshops – are modern and comfortable.
Xamk offers variety of leisure and sport activities for students on campuses.


Kotka Archipelago in Finland

Kotka – The sea is our strenght

Xamk’s new Kotka campus is located in Kotkansaari, Kantasatama – near the seaside. The campus facilities are designed to be flexible to respond agilely to the new needs of learning, teaching, and working.

About 200 people work and approximately 2,900 people study at the Kotka campus. The campus educates future professionals in engineering, maritime, logistics, as well as social and health care.

Kouvola People playing instruments at the market in Kouvola.

Community of active people

Kouvola is a city for active people, in the middle of everything. Life feels exciting and worth living. There is room for people and ideas.

Kouvola campus is a modern campus and it locates near the town centre. It has approximately 1900 students. Every year, Kouvola Campus hosts approximately 200 foreign degree students who study in the international bachelor-level business and game design programmes conducted in English.


Mikkeli – In the heart of lake Saimaa

Mikkeli Campus is located at a former military base with beautiful buildings and surroundings. It has a truly international atmosphere as there are over 300 foreign students from many different countries on campus every year. There are almost 4500 students and about 400 staff members at the campus all together.

Savonlinna Castle called Olavinlinna.

Savonlinna – the historic castle city

The age-old archipelago and castle city, Savonlinna, with its surrounding villages offers so much to see and experience.

Savonlinna campus is located in the heart of the town. Campus provides education in health care and process technology.  In addition, Xamk has two other locations in Savonlinna: FiberLaboratory and 3K-Factory.

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