We promote a sustainable future

Responsibility is our strategic choice. We consider responsibility and sustainable development in education, research and development activities, procurement, and everyday life on our campuses – in all our activities. We build a better tomorrow together with our students, staff, and partners.

We work responsibly for a better tomorrow.

Developing responsibility together

The demands for responsibility are constantly increasing. Therefore, we continuously develop our operations guided by our own sustainability program and the joint sustainable development and responsibility program of universities of applied sciences.

We are also committed to the UN’s Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative, which aims to promote responsible and sustainable business worldwide. At the same time, we have made a commitment to responsibility towards our employees, students, and stakeholders.

Our principles of responsibility

Our goal is to be a good and desirable place to work and study. We take social responsibility by ensuring the well-being, health, safety, equality, and inclusiveness of the Xamk community.

Our environmental responsibility includes identifying our environmental impacts and minimizing negative environmental effects. For example, our restaurants have the Swan label and prioritize local and organic food, pay attention to waste sorting, and use environmentally labeled detergents and chemicals. We ensure economic sustainability by maintaining operational stability and profitability, and by ensuring the responsibility of our procurements and investments.

Research and development

The environment and sustainability are key pillars of the impact of our research and development work. Our goal is to be the main partner for companies in South Savo and Kymenlaakso in their sustainability transition. We contribute to the sustainable use of natural resources in our region and ensure that residents and visitors value our clean nature.

Our research and development work seeks solutions to the challenges of the green transition, sustainable well-being, and the data economy. There is strong demand in our region for expertise, research infrastructure, and networks on these themes, and we can meet this need.

As the world changes, we are actively seeking new growth opportunities for Southeast Finland. We conduct research and development work mainly with external funding for projects whose sustainable development impacts are assessed already in the planning phase.

Future-proof education

Responsibility and sustainable development are integrated into our education according to the requirements of each field. There are also study modules available on various themes of responsibility, and some of our programs are entirely focused on promoting sustainable development, such as Ecological Design, Engineering, Water Technology and Sustainability, and Developing Food Technology. Our students are also welcome to join responsibility working groups, events, and development projects.

Future-proof education means skills that meet the needs of the workforce now and in the future. Therefore, we continuously renew our pedagogy, educational offerings, and competencies in close collaboration with the workforce and other universities. We are also involved in the national higher education development project and contribute to the development of European higher education through the INGENIUM European University.

Success also requires the continuous renewal of skills. To meet this need, we offer various continuous learning opportunities for both employees and workplaces.

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Vappu Kunnaala-Hyrkki
Sustainability Coordinator

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