We create a skilled workforce

Xamk strengthens the vitality of South-Eastern Finland together with organizations and actors in the region. We produce new workforce for the needs of the region, new innovations and specialize particularly in forest bioeconomy, well-being, as well as digital knowledge and expertise.

Xamk works for stronger and lively region of South-Eastern Finland

Skilled workforce for the needs of the region

Xamk educates competent workforce for future needs, promotes entrepreneurship, internationalization, and develops the business sector. Our work has impacts on the region’s population development, availability of skilled workforce, business structure, raising the education level, and the emergence of new companies.

The University of Applied Sciences is an important asset to its campus cities of Savonlinna, Mikkeli, Kouvola, and Kotka, and we also cater to the broader skill needs of South Savo, Kymenlaakso, and the entire nation. By supporting labor and education-based immigration, we are involved in the national goal of attracting skilled and educated workforce to Finland.

Money from taxes and new innovations

Direct impact in the area include Xamk’s employment effect, i.e., the number of personnel, generated tax revenues, investments in the region, and purchasing of services.

Xamk’s purchases and investments have an indirect impact on the region’s employment. The multiplier effect is seen indirectly in the increased purchasing power of those employed.

Teaching and learning at Xamk respond to the needs of the future working life. We ensure this by continuously engaging in development cooperation with organizations in the region.

Employment rate of the graduates is high

The existence of Xamk has raised the education level in South Savo and Kymenlaakso. The proportion of individuals with a higher education degree in the region increased by 4.5% between 2010-2022. Currently, 27.2% of individuals in the region have a higher education degree, while the national average in provinces is 33.3%.

The proportion of graduates from Xamk is significant when considering the employment of graduates from all universities of applied sciences in our provinces: 65% of those employed in South Savo are graduates from Xamk, and 70% of those employed in Kymenlaakso are graduates from Xamk.

Students come from all over Finland

At Xamk, a total of over 12,000 students are studying in 86 programs, of which 36 lead to a higher UAS degree. Nearly 2,000 UAS and Master’s degrees are completed annually.

There are a total of almost 11,000 primary applicants for Xamk’s degree programs annually. Approximately 23% of the applicants are from our operating area, and 77% are from outside it. The highest number of applicants come from Uusimaa, Kymenlaakso, and South Savo. The degree programs bring approximately 2,900 new students to the campus cities annually, some of whom stay in the region after graduation.

Our goal is to double the number of English-language degree programs. In 2023, there were 609 international students from around 70 different countries.

Continuous learning

The competitiveness and level of expertise in the region are also enhanced by Xamk’s Open University of Applied Sciences, Pulse studies, which are open to everyone. The wide range of open studies enables a quick response to the changing needs of the working life and increases the potential of both individuals and companies.

In 2023, Xamk Pulse was once again the largest open university in Finland: in terms of completed study credits, Pulse is larger than Finland’s open universities and other universities of applied sciences.

In 2023, over 34,000 students were studying in Pulse, and the number of completed study credits was nearly 130,500. Xamk Pulse offers 700 study modules.

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