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At Xamk, we develop sustainable solutions, create new knowledge, and offer future professionals to the workforce. We actively work to positively impact the success of our region and all of Finland. Our influence is expanding as we internationalize with the goal of supporting the vitality of our regions.

Our core principle is to be a good, responsible, and desirable place to work and study.

We work responsibly for a better tomorrow.

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We make success together

As a university of applied sciences, one of our core tasks is to promote the vitality of our region – our activities must be impactful. To thrive, regions need a sufficient skilled workforce, successful companies, and innovations, and we respond to these needs through education and research and development work. The prerequisite for impact is purposeful and close cooperation with the business and economic sectors of South Savo and Kymenlaakso.

On this site, we explain how we promote the success of our regions and how we have succeeded. Our results are good: for the fifth consecutive year, we have been the best university of applied sciences in Finland based on the Ministry of Education and Culture’s indicators. We will continue to work purposefully to ensure that our good results help generate success for our regions and all of Finland.

Significant work also in terms of numbers

Investments and experts for our regions

Our direct vitality impacts include, for example, investments directed to the region, which amounted to 7.2 million euros in 2023. We received about 19.3 million euros in external funding for regional development.

Nearly 2,000 professionals in various fields graduated from Xamk and entered the workforce. More than half of them settled in our regions.

There are about 13,000 people at Xamk: 12,000 students and 1,000 staff members. We are an influential group of experts and future professionals.

This is how we make an impact

Regional Impact

Skills, innovations, and collaborative development increase the vitality of the region

As a university of applied sciences, regional impact is one of our key goals. We work closely with our partner network to promote the vitality of our regions. Explore our results!

Effective research and development

We are a strong development partner

Our research and development work drives companies to succeed, creates new entrepreneurship, and addresses both regional and global challenges. The cornerstones of our RDI work are the environment and sustainability, human-centered approaches, and entrepreneurship and high added value.

We promote a sustainable future

We work for tomorrow

We take responsibility and sustainable development into account in all our activities. Xamk has its own sustainability program and we are committed to the UN’s sustainable development goals.

We create a skilled workforce

Professionals for the future working life

Xamk has raised the educational level in South Savo and Kymenlaakso. The proportion of those with higher education degrees has increased by 4.5% since 2010.

We support companies and entrepreneurship

Education and services for business needs

The constantly changing business world needs new companies and entrepreneurial thinking, which we promote by offering various expert services and training.

We are leaders in internationalization

International expertise for our regions

Our international activities bring expertise, international labor, and new cooperation and business opportunities to South Savo and Kymenlaakso. 

We impact society

We are a societal actor

We actively participate in societal discussions to promote the operational conditions of our university of applied sciences and the vitality of South-Eastern Finland.

Current in regional impact work

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Niilo Nissinen
Social Impact Specialist
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Vappu Kunnaala-Hyrkki
Sustainability Coordinator

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