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Did you know that Finnish education system consistently ranks as one of the best in the world, and Xamk is known to be at the top of the Universities of Applied Sciences in the country.

On of the best higher education and training system in the world.

Thinking about Studying in Finland?

Finland’s education system is regarded as one of the best in the world. Education is a strong part of Finnish culture from pre-school years into adulthood.

We are strong believers in equality and education. That is why Finland has a good education system with high standards and efficient quality assurance – this provides excellent opportunities for studying. In addition, we have very highly qualified teachers in Finland. At Xamk, we have top-class teachers who have years of expertise in their respective fields. 

Xamk students at Mikkeli campus.

Finnish institutions are well-respected in the global job market

The Finnish education system is highly regarded worldwide, and degrees from Finnish institutions are well-respected in the global job market. This recognition stems from the rigorous academic standards, innovative teaching methods, and comprehensive curriculum that characterize Finnish education.

What’s the difference between university and university of applied sciences?

Finland has two types of higher education institutions: universities and universities of applied sciences (UAS).

Universities focus on scientific research and education based on it. Universities of applied sciences, on the other hand, offer a pragmatic education that responds to working life needs.

Studies at a university of applied sciences (UAS) focus on professional and practical know-how and skills. The practical experience provided by UAS studies is highly appreciated in many jobs and duties. UAS Bachelor’s level studies also gives you the opportunity to apply for further studies, such as completing a UAS master’s level degree and continuing as far as a doctoral degree.

Land of opportunity

Its culture is unique: the Finnish way of life combines all the advantages of a high-tech society with a love of the country’s rich and vast expanses of unspoilt nature. Finland also has a high standard of social security and health care, all financed by the state.

The Nordics have been ranked in the top 10 of the World Happiness Report 2024, with Finland placed first.

The World Happiness Report ranked 156 countries by how happy their citizens perceive themselves to be.


The Northern Lights in Finland.

Facts about Finland

Finland is situated in northern Europe and Finland’s neighbouring countries are Sweden, Norway and Russia, which have land borders with Finland, and Estonia across the Gulf of Finland.

Forests cover three quarters of the country’s surface area of 338,000 sq. km. Other outstanding features of Finland’s scenery are some 190,000 lakes and approximately as many islands. The principal archipelago and the self-governing province of the Åland Islands lie off the south-west coast while the main Lake District, centred on Lake Saimaa, is in the east.

Finland’s population is 5.5 million and the capital of Finland is Helsinki. Other big towns are Tampere and Turku in southern Finland, and Oulu in the north.

The head of Finland is the President of the Republic who is elected for a period of six years. Parliament has 200 members who are elected every four years.

Finland has two official languages, Finnish and Swedish, the latter spoken as a mother tongue by about 6 % of the people. English has become the most popular foreign language and is widely spoken.

Most forests in Europe

Finland has the most forests in Europe and 188 000 lakes. Finland has a beautiful nature which consists of lakes, forests and archipelagos. 13% of Finnish forests are protected.

Cleanest air and water

You can drink tap water everywhere, it’s quality is among the highest in the world.

Feel the nature

Finland has a beautiful nature which consists of lakes, forests and archipelagos. We have four seasons which is a richness in Finland. Depending on the season one can do different things such as swimming in the lake, hiking, skiing, canoeing and ice-fishing.

Outdoor life and communing with nature are close to Finns’ hearts. No wonder, many Finns spend their free time at their lakeside summer cottages.

How are Finns like?

There are many stereotypes about Finnish people: for instance, Finns are said to be shy, reversed and introvert. Usually Finns are straightforward; they say what they mean and they mean what they say. Besides, once you manage to break the ice with a Finn, you usually get a friend for a lifetime. Finns appreciate punctuality: 10 o’clock means 10 o’clock. In case of being late, please, inform about it.

The sauna is an essential part of life in Finland. Almost every Finnish house has a sauna of its own and when living in Finland you cannot avoid getting an invitation to go to a sauna.

What’s the weather like?

One notable effect of Finland’s northerly position on the globe is that the four seasons of the year are clearly distinct from one another. The climate is marked by cold winters and warm summers. The highest daytime temperature in southern Finland during the summer occasionally rises to almost 30 degrees. During the winter months, particularly in January and February, the temperatures of minus 20 Celsius are not uncommon.

During the winter, warm clothing is an absolute necessity. While outside temperatures can be well below freezing during the winter, the buildings are very well heated with central heating. The weather in Finland has a strong effect on the way people behave. In the winter, people tend to work or study with great intensity. In the summer, the very same people become very open and social, spending time soaking up the sun and relaxing, and having fun.

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Welcome to Finland

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