The research Centre BioSampo moved to the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences from Kouvola Region Vocational College (KSAO) in August 2017. A new research unit strengthens the development of polytechnic education in the fields of energy, forest, environment and energy in RDI activities.

BioSampo’s activities have been developed from a learning environment into that of applied research. Laboratory exercises are also provided for the students of the University of Applied Sciences, without forgetting the collaboration with the students of the vocational college.

Digital learning environment and the expanding field of RDI activities

BioSampo’s operations are more and more focused on the circular economy and e.g. finegrained wood materials and processes needed in their utilization. Slow pyrolysis plays a major role in BioSampo.



Smart grids and “Iot” remote access systems are the new operating environments. Decentralised energy production and the development of the CHP energy units and laboratory operations, as well as the use of electricity control and storage methods will enable the digital learning environment, as well as the enlargement of the RDI activities in BioSampo.

Fraction technology research centre as a part of BioSampo

Xamk RDI activities are strongly expanding in south-eastern Finland and the activities of circular economy and energy are concentrating in the vicinity of BioSampo. An example of this is that fraction technology research centre became a part of BioSampo. In the fraction technology research centre, ashes from industry and power plants are treated. One of the next objectives is to micronize ash and charcoal.

Activities are being developed with external funding, therefore, funding for development is sought e.g. from the EU as well as from national and international sources. Partner networks are extended all the time.



Juha Solio
Laboratory Supervisor
Tel. + 358 44 702 8294

Teemu Karttaavi
Development Engineer
Tel. +358 44 702 8264

Sirpa Rahiala
Research Manager
Tel. +358 44 702 8418

Petteri Jernström
Research Director
Tel. +358 50 3459540

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