You can use the renewed right to study for finishing your incomplete degree without applying for a study place in the joint application, if your studies in a Finnish university of applied sciences have been interrupted not more than 5 years ago.

Admission criteria for renewed right to study

The admission criteria for the renewed right to study is as follows:

  1. The applicant will continue in the same or corresponding degree programme the studies he/she has started in a Finnish university of applied sciences with the aim to graduate.
  2. The applicant has been denied the right to study due to one of the following reasons:
    a. He/she has resigned from a degree programme or
    b. His/her period of right to study has ended or
    c. He/she has been considered resigned due to a failure to enrol and has been denied the right to study.
  3. The number of credits missing from the degree is no more than the amount corresponding to one year of studies (60 cr). There is no credit amount requirement for master’s degree programmes. The credits earned in a Open University of Applied Sciences or other University of Applied Sciences in Finland are also taken into account.
  4. If required, the applicant satisfactorily passes an interview or entrance examination.
  5. The resources of the department allow the acceptance of the student into a degree programme.

The degree programmes of humanities, social services and health care and marine engineering have requirements on one’s health condition. The applicant will be asked about his/her health, and if the health requirements are not met, the student will be denied the right to study.

The maximum period of renewed right to study is three semesters. The right to study can begin in the middle of the semester (the semester when the study right begins is included in the amount of semesters for the study right).

The student studying with renewed right to study does not have the right to enrol for non-attendance, and he/she cannot apply for discretionary extension to the studies.

The right to study can only be renewed once.

Applying and handling fee for the application

You can apply for the renewed right to study with an electronic application form available through the link below.

Handling fee for the application

There is a handling fee of 50 euros charged for the application (Council of State Decree 932/2014 3 §). The fee is payed electronically when submitting the application.

Before filling in the application form

You need to attach an official transcript of records (verified by the institution’s signature and stamp) in the electronic application e.g. in pdf-format. You will also need information on your previous right to study for the application (e.g. amount of completed credits and date when study right ended).

In addition, you need a scheduled plan for completing the studies missing from the degree. If you need help with the study plan, you can contact the responsible teacher in the degree programme (if necessary, ask for contact details from the student affairs office (send a message through Xinfo service).

Please have the information about your studies, the things needed for making the network payment, and your transcript of records in electronic form ready before filling in the application. The application, attachments and payment are all submitted at once and it is not possible to return to the application later.


The decision on your application is sent by email to the address given on the application form. Student who is granted the renewed right to study does not have the right to enrol for absence in the studies, and s/he cannot be granted discretionary extension to the given study time.

Instructions and further information

Submitting the application and paying the fee electronically (pdf)

If you have questions about applying, please contact the student affairs office through Xinfo service.