Douaa Chaloun learned a lot in Finland’s largest startup event Slush

Slush as an experience

My experience at Slush fascinated me! It blew my mind about startups and the entrepreneurial world. Before Slush, I had no clue about the true meaning of a startup but after going to the largest event in Finland, I learned a lot. I understood more about the meaning of startups and the interesting effects they have on the modern world.

At Slush, I heard a lot from entrepreneurs who had enjoyed great success. I listened to their stories of their startup experience. I felt an ambition and excitement that I have never felt before. Then I whispered to myself that I will also work hard to reach my goals and become an entrepreneur in the future.

I believe these opportunities and experiences are important and are an irreplaceable part in a student’s life

My journey starts from my new position at *Ship. I’m currently a startup expert at *ship, the largest startup event in the Kymenlaakso region and I’m also a member of Patteri ES (Patteri entrepreneurial society).

Joining Patteri has allowed me to meet new people who share the same interests and ambitions as me. We all want to learn, improve and become the best version of ourselves. I believe these opportunities and experiences are important and are an irreplaceable part in a student’s life. I have represented Patteri and *ship in many events in Finland. I would really recommend students to join Patteri to gain experience and to improve themselves.

Studying at Xamk creates opportunities

I would also mention the courses I took during my first year of studies at Xamk. These helped me to get to know the real business world. For instance, I wouldn’t have known about Slush if our lecturer Sara Czabai-Leppänen hadn’t mentioned it in her class. We also had business and entrepreneurship class, where we discussed the pros and cons of entrepreneurship and examined the criteria of a good entrepreneur.

Now, I feel that I’m following a good path towards the fulfilment of my dream. I still have a long way to go, but I am always optimistic, and I keep visualizing my goals. I value where I started from and how I have become what I am today. I think we should “always see the cup as half full instead of half empty”.

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