The graduation ceremonies of Xamk are celebrated twice a year: in May and in December.

The graduation ceremony of May is held on Friday, 31st May 2019.


The students graduating on 31.5. will receive their degree certificate in the ceremony. Students register to the ceremony at the same time when applying for the degree certificate.

The students, who have graduated earlier this semester are invited to the ceremony as guests. They will not be called to the stage, because they already have had their degree certificates.

The graduates can bring with them a few family members or friends. Remember to register them at the same time when you register yourself.

There is no official dress code at the ceremony, but we recommend wearing something festive. Graduates can buy beforehand a cap related to graduates profession, for example Academic cap for Engineers. You can wear the cap after receiving the degree certificate.

There is a photographer at the ceremony. If you want your photo taken, prepare to queue for some time. Photos will be published in Xamk’s communication channels (1-2 weeks after the ceremony) and you can download your photos from there.

Join the alumni network

Students can register as an alumna/alumnus already when they are graduating.

You can also join a Facebook group (called Xamk alumni) which is meant for all graduates of Xamk, Kyamk and Mamk. And don’t forget to mention us in you LinkedIn profile!

Pictures from previous ceremonies


Pictures from previous ceremonies


More information of the graduation ceremony

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