Oil spill response test basin is designed for training and testing purposes. The facility is comprised of a major test basin and smaller test tanks that enable the use of a variety of test oils in a controlled environment.

Oil spill response testing and training facility provides a unique outdoor environment to improve spill response capability. Training or testing the spill response techniques with real oil has not previously been possible in this scale in Finland. The basin enables using full-scale on-water containment and recovery equipment with various types of oils.

Facility is operated by the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (Xamk) and it is located in Kotka, approximately 1,5 hours east from Helsinki.

Complying with high environmental safety enables the use of real oil or other test substances


Oil spill response test basin provides various possibilities to carry out practical training such as oil containment and recovery exercises.

We provide the most commonly used spill response equipment, but training can also be conducted using customer’s own equipment.

Contact person for training activities:
Antero Myrén, firstname.lastname@xamk.fi


Oil spill response test basin can be used to assess the performance of oil spill response equipment and techniques as well as to conduct tests on response products.

Contact person for testing activities:
Manu Kettunen, firstname.lastname@xamk.fi


The oil spill response facility consists of a major test basin and smaller test tanks.
  • Main test basin is a concrete structured and cylindrical with a diameter of 29 metres (area 660 square metres) and 3 metres water depth
  • Smaller test tanks are made of steel with capacities varying from 4 to 12 cubic metres
  • Separate tank for testing and training onshore clean-up techniques
  • Oil separation unit for hydrocarbon-based products.

See address and driving instructions at the bottom of this page.

Oil spill response test basin can be used for full-scale method, equipment and product testing


1) main basin (660 sqm)
2) test tank (12 sqm)
3) onshore training area (12 sqm)
4) preliminary decontamination and washing area
5) decontamination and working area
6) storing area for test fluids
7) waste containers
8) office premises
9) storage containers
10) maintenance area
11) parking area
12) oil separation unit

Oil spill response and recovery equipment

  • oil recovery devices with power packs
    • brush, disc and drum skimmers in different sizes
    • weir skimmer
  • containment booms
  • sorbents and other absorptive products
  • outboard motor boat and catamaran type work platform
  • boom crane (max. 500 kg)

Possibility to adjust current and wind conditions.

Possibility also for aerial or underwater photographing and filming.

Test tanks can accommodate full-size equipment

Oil spill response test basin is also available for testing your own products

Training sessions can be tailored to meet your specific needs

The oil spill response test basin is converted from a decommissioned waste water aeration basin owned by regional water company Kymen Vesi Ltd. This development work was carried out with the help of EU funded project. Read more about the project, our project partners and financiers.

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Justiina Halonen

Research Manager
Kotka Campus

Antero Myrén

RDI Specialist
Kotka Campus

Manu Kettunen

RDI Specialist
Kotka Campus

Xamk’s oil spill response test basin is located in address Sunilantie 10, FI-48900 Kotka.
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You reach this page most conveniently via short url xamk.fi/oiltestbasin