The goal of AMBSIMU AR is to integrate XR (Extended Reality) technology as a part of the Xamk ambulance simulator.

A virtual space has been created in the emergency care teaching facilities with a real ambulance operating on a motion platform with full realistic ambulance equipment, as well as extensive wall displays that reflect different training environments.

AR (augmented reality) and XR (augmented reality) technology will be used to enhance the immersion and reality of educational simulations.

Bringing AR/XR technology into the simulator will significantly increase students’ working life capabilities as training situations provide life-like perspectives and situations that are otherwise difficult or expensive to practice.


1) Study and acquire AR-VR and XR technology suitable for ambulance simulator operations to make the simulation environment more realistic.

2) In cooperation with Xamk’s emergency care training and Kymsote Emergency Medical Services, we plan training scenarios for nursing and emergency driving with AR technology.

3) Implement scenarios related to treatment situations with augmented reality elements (AR technology) for patients, environment, weather conditions, sudden variables, etc.

4) Testing technologies suitable for emergency driving training and developing simulated driving situations that require response to other traffic, weather conditions, congestion, etc. from the point of view of both the driver and the person treating the patient.


1) The ambulance simulator will become an even better tool for developing the competence, working life capacity and quality of education of emergency care students.

2) Students’ ability and competence to face up to each other in working life will improve both in relation to patient care and safe alarm driving.

3) Discover new technologies and solutions suitable for the learning environment of the ambulance simulator to develop the quality of education and the working life capacity of students.

More information

Kristo Juurinen

Project Manager

Digital Economy

tel. +358 46 922 6248


Ensihoitotyötä lisätyssä todellisuudessa - AMBSIMU AR

1 February 2022 – 31 January 2023

Project partners

Lead partner: South-Eastern Finland university of applied sciences, Xamk

Focus areas: Digital economy


Total budget: € 50 000

Financiers and main source of funding: Otsakorven säätiö