Master the art of digitization process management

Digitization competencies training teached digital skills and digitization process management. The training provided participants the understanding in the digitization process and give competence to make digitization projects. It was aimed at workers in the document administration, information management and archiving sectors but anyone interested in digitization could apply to it. The training took place twice in 2022.


The decision to situating the mass digitization functions of the Finnish National Archives in Mikkeli was reached in the spring 2020. In 2021, skilled digitizers and digitization specialists were trained to meet the current and future needs of working life. In addition to the actual employment of digitization workers, there has also been a need for greater digitization understanding in organizations that work in document management/information management tasks. Cooperation with the municipal sector and businesses and to continue existing partnerships are essential for this project.


The aim of the project was to provide knowledgeable and digitally capable digitization project promoters and implementers for the current and future needs of working life. During the project, pilot training for digitization project executors were modelled for possible further training.


The measures of the project included

  • Compiling training and planning pilot training as online studies (Xamk, MikseiMikkeli)
  • Organizing two different educational complexes (10 ECTS) for 33 digitization students (Xamk)
  • Digital competence and sustainability perspectives were taken into account (Xamk)
  • Marketing and communication of trainings (MikseiMikkeli, Xamk)
  • Modelling, description and opening of the training (Xamk)
  • Survey of opportunities for further education (Xamk)
  • Contributing to employment opportunities for students (MikseiMikkeli)
  • Cooperation with municipal and business organizations (Xamk, MikseiMikkeli)
  • Survey of labour, worker and training needs (MikseiMikkeli)
  • Region, national and international cooperation (MikseiMikkeli, Xamk)



As a result, 33 new people with digitization skills were trained.
16 students graduated from Digitization competence training (11th June 2022). The training was from the 14th of April to the 11th of June, 2022.
17 students graduated from Digitization competence training (31st November 2022). The training was from the 1st of September to the 31st of October, 2022.

An article ”Need for digitization professionals: creating new trainings in Finland” in publication Xamk Beyond 2022: (Theseus, in English)
A guide for digitization project planners in Xamk Develops publication series: (Theseus, in Finnish)

Artikkeli Faili (4/2022): Uusia tuulia digitoinnin koulutuksen kehittämisestä Xamkissa (Theseus, in Finnish)
Artikkeli Read (4/2022): Digitoinnin ymmärtäminen on osa digitaitoja (in Finnish)
Kolumni Tietoasiantuntija (5/2022): Kun saa tehdä historiaa (in Finnish)

Learning materials:

Learning material of digitization competencies, part 10: Digitization project management (10 credits) (The Library of Open Educational Resources, in Finnish, in English), licensed with the CC BY SA -license

Teaching material of digitization competencies, part 11: Training model and additional literature (The Library of Open Educational Resources, in Finnish), licensed with the CC BY SA -license

More information

Henna Ristolainen
Project Manager
+358 40 668 2656

Sari Järn
RDI Specialist
+358 50 348 5331

Emmi Liikanen

Digitoinnin taitajaksi -hankkeen tietosuojaseloste (pdf)


Digitization competencies training

1 January 2022 – 31 December 2022

Project partners

Lead partner: South-Eastern Finland of Applied Scieces

Partners: Mikkeli Development Miksei Ltd

Focus areas: Digital economy
Xamk Research Units: Digitalia


Total budget: € 146 773

XAMK part of the total budget: € 102 843

Financiers and main source of funding: Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, REACT EU European Social Fund

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