Huuma project’s goal is to strengthen the social inclusion and functional abilities of young people who are at risk of social exclusion through participation in the dance workshops. Both Finns and immigrants youth (16 – 29 years old) are the target group of the project’s activity, the goal is to reach to 225 participants. Dance workshops are held in Kuopio, Mikkeli, and Vantaa during 2019–2022.

Participation in the dance workshops strengthens young people’s ability to integrate into studies and working life and provides them with future skills. Participation in the project gives youth the possibility to develop their mental, physical and social abilities.

The role of Juvenia – a youth research and development center is to evaluate the project’s activity and results as well as support the development of the project.

Partners, who implement dance workshops  are: Tanssiteatteri Raatikko (Vantaa), ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival (Kuopio) & Etelä-Savon Tanssiopisto (Mikkeli).

Link to the Children and Youth Foundation (leading partner) Huuma-page:

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Angelika Polak
Project manager (MA SOC)

South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences – XAMK
Creative Industries Research Unit
Paraatikenttä 7, 45100 KOUVOLA
+35844 702 8482



Huuma - tulevaisuustaitoja nuorille tanssin keinoin / Huuma – Future Skills for Young People through Dance

01.03.2019 - 28.02.2022


Administrator: Lasten ja Nuorten Säätiö

Partial implementers: Kaakkois-Suomen ammattikorkeakoulu, Tanssiteatteri Raatikko (Vantaa), ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival (Kuopio) ja Etelä-Savon Tanssiopisto (Mikkeli)

XAMK research centers: Juvenia Luovat alat


Total budget: 597 566 €

XAMK part of the total budget: 25 536 €

Financiers and main source of funding: Hämeen Ely-keskus Euroopan sosiaalirahasto