Developing management and monitoring of emissions from energy production plants using biomass fuel.

Aim of the Project ”NoxOpti – monitoring and management of the emissions from energy production” is to develop management and monitoring of emissions from energy production plants using biomass fuel. The aim is to develop even more environmental safe and clean combustion process especially for smaller scale energy production plants (1- 50 MW).

New threshold values for emissions from energy production came into effect in beginning of year 2018. The new values are stricter for combustion of wood or peat than for combustion of mineral or brown coal. Finnish Energy estimates that energy production plants using biomass and other solid biofuels are facing investments worth 420 million euros because of the emission reduction obligation. Choice of the fuel also effects to the emissions from combustion. According to the studies carried on by Xamk co-combustion of horse manure and peat reduces emissions. Use of mixed fuel don’t require additional investments.


• Present state of emissions from small scale boilers in South Savo region
• Methods to manage and reduce flue gas emissions
• Demonstration experiments for management of emissions
• Commercialization possibilities
• Reporting and Dissemination

As a tangible result of the Project expertise about management and controlled reduction of NOx- and SO2-emissions in small-scale boilers (1-50 MW) in the South Savo region increases. Project also helps to produce new information about suitable reduction methods for Nitrogen and Sulphur emissions, which increases cost-effectiveness of energy production. Project helps to gain new information about combustion gas and particle emissions of small-scale boilers (1-50 MW) and about effects of chosen fuel, boiler technique and combustion gas cleaning techniques to the emissions. As a result of Demonstration experiments, it is gained new information about usability of biomaterials for management of combustion gas emissions from boiler plants. Demonstration experiments give practical experience, which enables wider use of chosen method. Results of the Project promote protection of the environment, self-sufficiency of South Savo region and utilization of biomaterials.

More information

Niina Laurila
South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences
Project Manager
040 570 9502

Hanne Soininen
Research Manager
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NOxOpti - Monitoring and management of the emissions form energy production

1 January 2019 – 31 December 2021

Project partners

Lead partner: South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences

Other partners: Tiina ja Antti Herlin Foundation, Etelä-Savon Energia Oy, Suur-Savon Sähkö Oy, Savcor Oy ja Tassu ESP Oy


Total budget: € 240000

XAMK part of the total budget: € 240000

Financiers and main source of funding: European Regional Development Fund via South Savo Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment