PARK-project is aiming to develop the practices of businesses and create product and business blanks using gamification and service design.

The gaming industry has created many agile means of efficient development. In the PARK-project we seek to bring many of these well-tried methods to other industries together with experts from the gaming field. 

The purpose of the project is to improve the readiness of businesses to react and adapt to sudden changes in the working environment, and to develop the abilities of educational organizations in meeting rapidly evolving new expectations.  


PARK-project picks good practices from the gaming industry, and applies these on other fields of business. Gaming industry is a growing industry and it has done well during the COVID-19 pandemic. As such we wish to find out which practices and innovations could be of use in other industries as well. In the spring and summer of 2021 the project will focus specifically on figuring out the pandemic-related challenges of businesses in the event, travel and creative industries. The purpose is to better find out what challenges the companies have changed, and in which situations. This allows us to foresee these challenges in the future, and help the businesses overcome them. There will be a publication based on the results of this research. 

We will also arrange different workshops in the project. In these events the challenges of the businesses are worked on. The intention is to create new seeds of excellent ideas together with students and businesses. These ideas will then be used to develop event production and traveling, circular economy and sustainable design, digitalization of user experiences, and XR-technology applications. To guarantee further development of the ideas created in these workshops, financing applications will be filed. If the applications are successful, businesses are warmly welcomed in future implementations.  

Plan for the progress of the project using double-diamond model.


The project is aimed towards businesses in event, travel and creative industries, freelancers, and associations. Of course, we also warmly welcome businesses from other fields as well. The workshops arranged in the project are also intended for students at the implementing universities. 


The pandemic survey will be done as a web survey (and possibly also as an interview) in spring / summer of 2021. The survey can be answered anonymously, and it is designed for businesses in event, travel and creative industries. The link for the survey will be updated on this website and shared through our partners’ networks. 

The workshops are open for businesses in the event, travel and creative industries. In these events we try to solve the challenges found in the surveys together with multidisciplinary teams of students. The intention is to increase the understanding of the participants and help them develop their practices with methods of gamification and service design. 

The themes and schedules of the workshops, and the signup forms for them,  will be updated on this page at a later date. While education on the subjects of this project is primarily reserved to be part of the workshops, they can possibly be arranged through alternative methods as well. Participation is free. 


The project is implemented bXamk, JAMK, KAMK and LAB. Each implementer is responsible for arranging their own workshops, so they can be implemented using different methods. Each implementer also focuses on a different theme. The events and themes along with their schedules will be updated on this website in the summer of 2021. 

For further inquiries or proposals for cooperation, contact the project manager Tiina Ikkonen (email: 


The privacy policy can be found here (in Finnish): 


More information

Tiina Ikkonen
PARK Project Manager
RDI Specialist
tel. +35844 702 8960


Jani Saari
RDI Specialist
tel. +35850 462 6560

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To increase… 

… the resilience to pandemic in businesses in the participating areas 

… the usage of pandemic resilient business practices in the area 

… RDI-operations and participation therein in businesses 

… the understanding of pandemic-caused challenges in organizations 

… collaboration between universities of applied sciences 

… multidisciplinary educational collaboration 

… collaborative innovation between different fields 

… pandemic resiliency in education. 

… the effectiveness of universities of applied sciences in the region through collaboration with businesses 


PARK - Game Industry leading towards a Pandemic Resilient education

1 March 2021 – 31 August 2022

Project partners

Lead partner: South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences

Partners: Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences and LAB University of Applied Sciences

Focus areas: Digital economy
Xamk Research Units: Creative Industries


Total budget: € 200 710

XAMK part of the total budget: € 65 045

Financiers and main source of funding: European Social Fund