We collect feedback of the results and quality of Xamk’s operations by means of scorecards, student-, personnel-, and stakeholder group inquiries, performance reviews, internal reviews, self-evaluations and external evaluations. The information produced by the evaluation and feedback system is used in the strategic and operations management at all levels of the organisation. A measuring plan guides the collection of the feedback.


Management/unit Personnel Students Stakeholder groups

Internal reviews


External evaluations


Development discussions

Work community development enquiry

Customer service enquiries of support services

Course feedback

Arrival enquiry

Education development enquiry

Graduand feedback questionnaire

Customer service enquiries of support services

Stakeholder feedback

Alumni feedback

Assesment enquiries of projects





We systematically develop the operations of the core and support processes based on the collected external and internal evaluation and feedback information. We plan ad carry out the development measures which arise, and monitor and assess their impact. We use the results in the operations or strategic choices of Xamk.

You will find the reports on the feedback survey results and evaluations in the Current section.

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