The general principles of quality management at Xamk are described in our quality policy which is actualised in the quality system.

  • Quality is valued at Xamk. High quality of the operations ensures the societal impact of the university and provides an important source of competitive advantage.
  • The aims, maintenance and improvement of quality are based on the strategy of Xamk and they are integrated in the activities of the university and its various departments. The strategic and operations management are based on information obtained from the systematic quality evaluation.
  • The quality of the university’s education, research, development and innovation operations, business services and support services are developed towards excellence on the basis of the user and customer feedback we receive.


The development of quality is included in the actions of our personnel and students.

In addition, members of the stakeholder groups participate in the evaluation and development of activities.   Our personnel and students as a community are committed to quality work. Each member of the Xamk community is responsible for the quality and development of his/her own activities. Our quality culture rises from this atmosphere of individual and collective development.

The purpose is continuous development of quality together with maintaining the strengths. The principles of quality work are transparency, reliability and confidentiality.

Our quality slogan is

All for the Quality!





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