The eastern Finland Youth Barometer produces information on the well-being, values and attitudes of young people in eastern Finland

The survey explores the image of young people in eastern Finland by focusing on certain standard themes, such as work and education, each year. At the same time, it raises important themes, such as young people moving out of the region.

The target group of the eastern Finland Youth Barometer (Northern Karelia, Northern Savonia, Southern Savonia) are youngsters of 15-25 years of age in educational institutions, from the 9th class of secondary schools to institutions and universities. In addition, young people working in the workshops are included. Each year, about 2000 young people in eastern Finland are participating in the survey.

The results are reported in an overview, which is pdf format and free of charge. Specific information concerning municipalities is subject to a charge. Eastern Finland Youth Barometer is coordinated by Juvenia.

In the years 2014–2015, the survey is directed at young people’s perceptions of the adequacy of services in their own municipalities and how the services meet the needs of young people. Young people also submit their views as to how the services should be developed.

In 2012, the views of young people in the barometer highlighted employment and entrepreneurship. In 2010, the barometer focused on the living environment and on the attachment in the region.

In the years 2010 and 2012, the barometers were carried out in cooperation with the University of Eastern Finland, Humak University of Applied Sciences University and Diaconia University of Applied Sciences (Diak).

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