Kotka Campus is located in the lush green Metsola district, approximately 5 km from the centre of Kotka. It is close to both the seaside and the Kymi river.

International degree programmes conducted in English:

Campus provides education in Finnish in following fields:

  • social services and health care
  • business administration
  • technology and seafaring.


Coming to study in Kotka?

See practical information for new students on this website (e.g. student housing).

Broad range of services

Students and visitors find all the important services in the campus

  • Restaurant Junnu
  • Student health care, psychologist and university chaplain
  • Library, student and international services
  • Student Union
  • Research and development services
  • Gym hall

Degree Programme in Nursing

This programme gives you an opportunity to study both nursing and Finnish language!

In the beginning, the studies will mostly be conducted in English, with Finnish language teaching gradually taking over. During the studies, the Finnish language skills are improved, and by the time of graduation you will have reached the sufficient language proficiency in order to work in Finland as a nurse. You can start your Finnish language studies from the beginning or continue them from the level you are now.

Degree programme in nursing starts in annually in autum – you can apply to it jont application in January. Read more about degree programme in Nursing!

New Kotka Campus in centre of Kotka - coming in 2024




South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences
Pääskysentie 1
FI-48220 Kotka


Kotka is located in Kymenlaakso region. Kymenlaakso is a province Southeast Finland with a population of 185,000.  Distance to the Helsinki capital region is about 130 km and to the St Petersburg region about 270 km.

Kotka is a seaport on the coast of the Gulf of Finland, with a population of 55,000. The city is famous for its parks and cultural life. In addition to the archipelago, the city’s maritime attractions include the Sapokka water garden, the Langinkoski Imperial Fishing Lodge and the Maretarium aquarium. The Maritime Centre Vellamo introduces you to the history of Kotka and Kymenlaakso, as well as the maritime history of Finland.

The city offers plenty of opportunities for sports and other leisure activities. Those interested in culture will enjoy the productions of Kotka City Theatre, the concerts of Kymi Sinfonietta and the many literary events and art exhibitions. Kotka Maritime Festival is the most famous summer event in the city.

Kotka also offers good opportunities for shopping, including the Pasaati shopping centre, many speciality stores and the hypermarkets in Jumalniemi and Sutela. Local and regional buses take you around the city and to the neighbouring towns. There are buses to Helsinki approximately every half hour and several local trains to Kouvola each day. In summer, the archipelago is easily accessible by public transport from the Sapokka marina.

Welcome to study in Kotka

Tervetuloa opiskelemaan Kotkaan! Welcome to study in Kotka!

From this section you get some useful information and tips to make your first days in Finland easier and make you feel more comfortable at the beginning of your new studying life in Finland.

How to get to Kotka
Living in Kotka (student housing)
Moving in Kotka
Immigration services in Kotka
Exploring Finland

How to get to Kotka

Lentokentältä Helsinkiin – From airport to Helsinki

Helsinki-Vantaa airport is located outside the city area. You can travel to city center either by bus or by train. Buses leave in front of the terminal (follow the signs). To the railway station, you need to take a short walk (follow the signs).

Notice: you need to buy your ticket beforehand if you travel by train. HSL is taking care of public transportation in Helsinki area. You can buy a ticket from a ticket machine (at the railway station of Helsinki-Vantaa airport) or by uploading HSL App from App Store. The same tickets are valid in buses and trains in Helsinki region (but not outside the area). To buy a ticket from the airport to the city center choose the region ABC ticket. You could also purchase a physical train ticket from Helsinki-Vantaa airport to the Kotka train stop at an R-Kioski shop in Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.

Here some useful words to help you in your way:

  • anteeksi – excuse me, I’m sorry
  • missä on – where is
  • juna – train
  • bussi – bus
  • Helsinkiin – to Helsinki
  • lentokentälle – to airport
  • Kotkaan – to Kotka
  • lippu – a ticket
  • rautatieasema – railway station
  • matkakeskus – travel center

A tip: use Google translate to know how to pronounce these words!

Helsingistä Kotkaan – From Helsinki to Kotka

You can use Onnibus to travel from Helsinki city center to Kotka. Other bus companies schedules you can find on Matkahuolto page.

If you book a bus ticket to Kotka: You can travel to city center and take a bus to campus or your apartment from there. Another long-distance bus stop in Sutela is about 2,5 kilometers from Kotka campus. Also, Prisma Supermarket is located in Sutela, next to the bus stop. Notice: if you wish to get off the bus in Sutela buy your ticket there instead of Kotka (city center). You must press the stop button before Sutela. You can as well tell the driver you are here for the first time and wish to get off in Sutela.

If you prefer to arrive by train: there is no railway from Helsinki to Kotka but you can travel by train to Kouvola and change there. The train stop closest to campus is Kyminlinna. It is not a station, it is only a train stop.

You can buy long-distance train tickets at the VR railway company page.

How to arrive in Kotka



Living in Kotka

Asuminen – Living

If you need temporary accommodation e.g. upon arrival in Kotka, please see temporary accommodation options in Kotka

Apply for student housing via local housing organisation. Student housing is not provided by the university.

They serve you in English. Please be prepared that there is no furniture in these apartments: only a cupboard and maybe a table and a chair.


Accommodation provided by THE Roomz

THE Roomz provides cozy student residences (private room with a bathroom, shared common areas) for Xamk’s international students coming to Kotka. Rooms are furnished and ready for moving in (including furniture, sheets and towels, kitchenware, equipment and free wi-fi).

Pricing is 390 EUR/month for a smaller (16 square metres) and 425 EUR/month for a bigger room (20 square metres) – which can also be shared for two persons. Rent includes electricity, heating, water, use of common spaces, wi-fi, sauna, trash collection and laundry room.

Please note that we have limited number of furnished rooms to offer. Fill in the application form by 23 July 2023 and email it to: info(a)roomz.fi. All applicants will be contacted individually.

A room and a kitchen at THE Roomz

Tips to reduce costs in the beginning:

Kotkan kierrätys ja avustus

Kotkan kierrätys ja avustus (Kotka recycling and aid) is a place to get furniture, clothes, and other necessaries for free. You can visit the place in Kotka city center: Satamakatu 3, open Tue 11.00–14.00, Wed, 17.00–19.00, Thu 10.00–13.00 and 17.00–19.00, Sat 10.00–13.00, Sun 11.00–14.00, Mon and Fri closed.


Kirppikset – flea markets and second-hand shops

Jussin jättikirppis is a flea market and located quite close to the campus. There you can find clothes, textiles, and other necessaries: Jussin jättikirppis, Huumantie 5, open Mon-Tue 10-18, Wed 10–20, Thu-Fri 10–18, Sat-Sun 10–15.

Goodwill is a recycling store in Karhula. There you can find almost anything, including furniture. Goodwill Karhula: Tikankatu 10, 48600 Kotka, open Mon-Fri 10–17, Sat 10–14.

Fida second-hand is a second-hand store in Kotka city center. Fida second-hand: Kotka, Mariankatu 14, open Mon-Fri 10–18, Sat 10–15.

Moving in Kotka

Liikkuminen Kotkassa – Moving in Kotka


Bussikortti – bus card

Kotka region bus card is called Waltti-kortti. You can order your card online. You must create an account to be able to order a new card. You can as well buy your card by visiting Palvelupiste Ruori in Kotka: Kustaankatu 2/ Keskuskatu 6.

Kotkan reittiopas is the page to visit when you start to use buses in Kotka.

Useful words

Syötä lähtöpaikka = fill the point of departure (street, e.g. Allintie 21)

Syötä määränpää = fill the destination (street, e.g. Tikankatu 10 or Kotka)

Food stores

A small food store K-Market Korela is close to the school and Koskisoppi apartments (Peurantie 5). The closest supermarket is Prisma (Hakamäentie 1) and Lidl close to it (Sutelantie 151). In the city center you find more stores but the fact is that there are basically 3 kind of stores in Kotka: S shops (green bonus card), K shops (Plussa card for bonus) and Lidl (Lidl card for bonus). If you wish to find your local products, Helsinki is probably the only place to find ethnical food stores.

Immigration services in Kotka

Registering as a foreigner

After you move to Finland, you must register yourself with the Digital and Population Data Services Agency (DVV) in Finland.  This is mandatory for EU students as well.

It’s important to register as soon as possible after your arrival because you may need to have a Finnish personal identity code and a registered address in Finland to open a bank account or to get a service contract with mobile phone operator.

Check the instructions for registering on the DVV website or start with the DVV info letter for foreign students.

If you need to visit the DVV office, you should first book an appointment via the DVV online service. Once you get an appointment, you can visit the DVV office on your appointment day at the following address: Vuorikatu 5C, 48100 Kotka.

Kotkan maahanmuuttajapalvelut Moona – Kotka Immigration Services Moona

Moona is helping with all kinds of immigration issues in the Kotka region. In Moona you get information and help e.g. concerning following things:

  • Residence permits and immigration services (Migri)
  • Kela – social security system of Finland and other support
  • Living
  • Work life
  • Education
  • Free time

Moona has an office in Karhula, Hamina and Kotka city center (in the multicultural center Mylly). They serve with many languages, including English.

Short Moona information in English

Moona on Kotka city web pages




Mylly is a multicultural center with activities for immigrants. See the information about Multicultural center Mylly.

Explore Finland

In case you have some time to explore Finland before your studies begin

Find information at the Tourist info of Helsinki city and at the tourist information of Kotka-Hamina region.