Kouvola Campus is a modern campus located in Kymenlaakso region of Finland.  It has approximately 1900 students. Every year, Kouvola Campus hosts approximately 200 foreign degree students who study in the international bachelor-level business and game design programmes conducted in English.

In addition, there are foreign exchange students who come to study in the departments of business, culture, social and health care every year.

International degree programmes conducted in English:

Broad range of services

Students and visitors find all the important services in the campus.

  • Restaurants: Paja and Kasarmiravintola
  • Library services
  • Student health care
  • Student services
  • Student Union
  • International services
  • Research and development services


Coming to study in Kouvola?

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South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences
Paraatikenttä 7, 45100 Kouvola
FI-45100 Kouvola


Kouvola is the biggest town in the region with approximately 87,000 inhabitants. It is a large town with plenty to see and experience and Kouvola campus it provides a cosy environment for students.

Attractions range from the Repovesi national park to the Tykkimäki amusement park. Four top sports teams, versatile hobby opportunities and night life that is filled with live music guarantee recreation for everyone.

It is easy to travel from Kouvola to other parts of Finland. The distance to Helsinki is only about 140 kilometres.

More information about Kouvola

There are many ways to spend free time in Kymenlaakso – sports and culture are equally available. Xamk has a versatile sports programme that includes guided courses and classes. Xamk offers, for instance, such activities as floorball, badminton and kettlebell exercises.  An ice rink, ball sports and gym practice are also available. Xamk even has its own American football team!

In Kymenlaakso, you can, in general, choose from numerous sports alternatives, such as downhill skiing, golf, tennis, bowling, climbing, canoeing, ball sports, gym, swimming…

Culture can be enjoyed in the form of movies, theatre, concerts and other events. The nature in Kymenlaakso is unparalleled. You can enjoy the view of the sea by the Gulf of Finland or the rapids of the Kymijoki river, or immerse yourself in the lake scenery in the Repovesi national park, all these places being located just within a short drive from each other.

Welcome to study in Kouvola

Tervetuloa opiskelemaan Kouvolaan! Welcome to study in Kouvola!

From this section you get some useful information and tips to make your first days in Finland easier and make you feel more comfortable at the beginning of your new studying life in Finland.

How to get to Kouvola
Living in Kouvola
Moving in Kouvola
Immigration services in Kouvola
Explore Finland


From airport to Helsinki – Lentokentältä Helsinkiin

Helsinki-Vantaa airport is located outside the city area. You can travel to the city centre either by bus or by train (follow the signs at the airport).  You can find the route map for both bus and train on the HSL website.

By bus: Bus number 600 operates between Helsinki Airport and Helsinki city centre. The travel time is approximately 40 minutes.

By train: Commuter train P and I go from Helsinki Airport to Helsinki City Centre. This takes about 30min. If you are coming straight to Kouvola from the Airport by train, you should take the P train and leave in Tikkurila. There are two stops between the airport and Tikkurila and it will take approximately 10min. From there you can take the train to Kouvola.

Notice: you need to buy your ticket beforehand if you travel by train. HSL is taking care of public transportation in the Helsinki area. You can buy a ticket from a ticket machine (at the railway station of Helsinki-Vantaa airport) or by uploading HSL App from App or Google Store. The same tickets are valid on buses and trains in the Helsinki region (but not outside the area). To buy a ticket from the airport to the city centre choose region ABC ticket.

Here are some useful words to help you in your way:

  • anteeksi – excuse me, I’m sorry
  • missä on – where is
  • juna – train
  • bussi – bus
  • Helsinkiin – to Helsinki
  • lentokentälle – to airport
  • Kouvolaan – to Kouvola
  • lippu – a ticket
  • rautatieasema – railway station
  • matkakeskus – travel center

A tip: use Google translate to know how to pronounce these words!

From Helsinki to Kouvola – Helsingistä Kouvolaan

Try to arrange your flight or other arrival in Helsinki early enough so you can reach Kouvola not too late in the evening. You should arrive in Kouvola at least 2-4 days before the studies begin.

From airport: When coming from the airport, you will have to take a local train and change once in Tikkurila and then take the second train that goes straight to Kouvola. You can buy the tickets either from a ticket office or through the Finnish railway shop.

From drop off location to your apartment

You can take a bus from the train station to your apartment. To get the bus ticket, you can download the Waltti Mobile app from the App Store or Google Store, and then purchase your ticket. You can choose whether you want a single ticket, one-day or one-month ticket. If you wish to get a physical bus card instead, you can visit the service point Bussimatkatoimisto (Torikatu 2 FI-45100 Kouvola). You can only pay with CASH to the bus driver.


Living – Asuminen

You can find an apartment with the help of Kouvolan Asunnot

There are 3 student housings, and two of them are unfurnished (Jukolantie 17 and Utinkatu 39). The third one in Kuusihaankatu 6, provides a chair, desk, bookcase and bed without a mattress.

Check the website for more details or contact Kouvolan asunnot directly.

Some tips to reduce costs in the beginning:

Goodwill – flea market and secondhand shops

Goodwill is a recycling store in Kouvola. There you can find almost anything, including furniture. Goodwill Kouvola: Kuusaantie 1, 45130 Kouvola, open Mon-Fri 10–17, Sat 10–14.


Fida secondhand is a secondhand store in Kouvola city centre. Fida seconhand: Torikatu 4, 45100 Kouvola, open Mon-Fri 10–18, Sat 10–16.


Moving in Kouvola – Liikkuminen Kouvolassa

Kouvola’s public transportation is organized by Waltti . From their website you can find the route map and buy tickets. By creating an account, you can also order a bus card from the website or get it directly by visiting the service point Bussimatkatoimisto (Torikatu 2 FI-45100 Kouvola).


Grocery stores:

In Kouvola, there are three main chains that own the grocery shops: S-chain, K-chain and Lidl:

  • S -shops: Sale (smallest), S-market (mid-size) and Prisma (biggest grocery store)
  • K-shops: K-market (smallest), K-supermarket (mid-size) and K-Citymarket (biggest grocery store)
  • Lidl (big grocery store)

The closest supermarket to the university is Lidl ( 950m around 10 minutes walk). All the student housing has a nearby supermarket so don’t worry about your groceries!

If you wish to find your local products, Helsinki is probably the only place to find ethnical food stores.


You can get some medicines without a prescription (for cold&flue, vitamins, pain killers) and some you can only get with a prescription from a doctor. Take the prescription with you when getting the medicines from the pharmacies. There are many pharmacies in Kouvola, the closest one to the campus is Hansa Pharmacy located in the city center (1.5km)

Student card

You can purchase a student card for your stay in Finland. With the student card, you will get discounts on e.g. meals, trains and buses. More information on the student card you can find on Kaakko’s website.


Registering as a foreigner

After you move to Finland, you must register yourself with the Digital and Population Data Services Agency (DVV) in Finland. This is mandatory for EU students as well.

It’s important to register as soon as possible after your arrival because you may need to have a Finnish personal identity code and a registered address in Finland to open a bank account or to get a service contract with mobile phone operator.

Check the instructions for registering on the DVV website or start with the DVV info letter for foreign students.

If you need to visit the DVV office, you should first book an appointment via the DVV online service. Once you get an appointment, you can visit the DVV office on your appointment day at the following address: Valimontie 5, 45100 Kouvola

Kouvola imigration services Moona – Kouvolan maahanmuuttajapalvelut Moona

Moona is helping with all kinds of immigration issues in Kouvola region. In Moona you get information and help e.g. concerning following things:

  • Residence permits and immigration services (Migri: https://migri.fi/en/home)
  • Kela – social security system of Finland and other support
  • Living
  • Work life
  • Education
  • Free time

Moona has an office in Kouvola city centre (in the multicultural centre Saaga). They serve in many languages, including English.

Short Moona information

NOTICE! Find out if you must visit embassy in Finland and book your time as soon as you can. Moona can help you if needed.


In case you have some time to explore Finland before your studies begin

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