Mikkeli Campus is located at a former military base with beautiful buildings and surroundings. It has a truly international atmosphere as there are over 300 foreign students from many different countries on campus every year. There are almost 4500 students and about 400 staff members at the campus all together.

International degree programmes conducted in English:


Coming to study in Mikkeli?

See relevant links for new students on this website (e.g. student housing).

Services on campus

  • International services
  • Student affairs office and Admissions office
  • Student health care, social welfare advisor, psychologist and university chaplain
  • Student union Kaakko
  • Library, reading room for newspapers
  • Restaurants: Kasarmina, Dexi and Talli
  • Cafe Campus
  • Gym, Sports hall and outdoor sports
  • Mikkeli Bowling hall

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South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences
Mikkeli Campus
Patteristonkatu 3
FI-50100 Mikkeli

Public parking: Ratsurinkuja


Mikkeli is a lively town with most beautiful lake scenery, combination of interesting history and traditions, active business, high education and research, culture, nature and internationality. Mikkeli has approximately 50 000 inhabitants and there are over 6000 students studying in the city.

Mikkeli is located in Eastern Finland in an area with many lakes and forests. The town is located not so far away from the metropolitan area, so one can easily get there by bus or train. Mikkeli has an interesting history since the town served as the headquarters of the Finnish army during three wars. That is why you can see ‘Headquarters’ mentioned in many places.

Mikkeli is a lively town not only in summer but also in winter. During the last winters we have enjoyed beautiful ice sculptures as part of international ice festival arranged in the centre of town.

In addition to different festivals, you can enjoy various happenings throughout the year, the world-famous Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra being a good example.

More information

Welcome to study in Mikkeli

Tervetuloa opiskelemaan Mikkeliin! Welcome to study in Mikkeli!

From this section you get some useful information and tips to make your first days in Finland easier and make you feel more comfortable at the beginning of your new studying life in Finland.

How to get to Mikkeli
Living in Mikkeli
Moving in Mikkeli
Immigration services in Mikkeli
Explore Finland



From airport to Helsinki – Lentokentältä Helsinkiin

Helsinki-Vantaa airport is located outside the city area. You can travel to the city centre either by bus or by train. Buses leave in front of the terminal and the trains under the terminal (follow the signs).  You can find the route map for both bus and train on the HSL website.

By bus: Bus number 600 operates between Helsinki Airport and Helsinki City Centre. The travel time is approximately 40 minutes.

By train: Commuter train P and I go from Helsinki Airport to Helsinki City Centre. This takes about 30 min. If you are coming straight to Mikkeli from the Airport by train, you should take the P train and leave in Tikkurila station (approx. 10 min from the airport).

Notice: You need to buy your ticket beforehand when travelling by bus or train. HSL is taking care of public transportation in the Helsinki area. You can buy a ticket from a ticket machine (at the railway station of Helsinki-Vantaa airport) or by uploading HSL App from App Store. The same tickets are valid on buses and trains in the Helsinki region (but not outside the area). Travelling from the airport to Helsinki city centre you need a ticket that is valid on the region ABC.

Here are some useful words to help you in your way:

  • Anteeksi – excuse me, I’m sorry
  • Missä on – where is
  • Juna – train
  • Bussi – bus
  • Helsinkiin – to Helsinki
  • Lentokentälle – to Airport
  • Mikkeliin – to Mikkeli
  • Lippu – a ticket
  • Rautatieasema – railway station
  • Matkakeskus – travel center

A tip: use a translator to help you understand and pronounce Finnish words!

From Helsinki to Mikkeli – Helsingistä Mikkeliin

Try to arrange your flight or other arrival in Helsinki early enough so you can reach Mikkeli not too late in the evening. You should arrive in Mikkeli at least 2-4 days before the studies begin.

By bus: All the buses leave from Kamppi in Helsinki centre. You can find the bus timetables and buy the tickets on the Onnibus and Matkahuolto websites.

By train: All the long-distance trains leave from Helsinki central railway station. The platforms are shown on the wall of the entrance hall. If you come straight from the airport, you should first take the commute train from the airport to Tikkurila and then change to a long-distance train to Mikkeli.

You can buy the tickets either from a ticket office or through the Finnish railway shop.

Notice: You must buy your bus/train tickets in advance!

Arriving in the Mikkeli region 


Living – Asuminen

Apply for student housing via local housing organisation MOAS. Student housing is not provided by the university.

Some of the student residences have basic furniture including a bed, desk, chair, table, and benches in the kitchen. Make use of all the second-hand shops available for other things you will need: mattresses, pillows, blankets, dishes, etc.

Tips to reduce costs in the beginning:

Flea markets and secondhand shops – Kirppikset

Kirjalan Kirpputori 

  • Address: Yrittäjänkatu 22, Mikkeli (Located close to the campus.)

Cafe Kirpputori Ajaton

  • Address: Kauppatie 13 50600 Mikkeli

Uutta elämää

  • Address: Raviradantie 8–10, 50100 Mikkeli


Moving in Mikkeli – Liikkuminen Mikkelissä

Mikkeli’s public transportation is organized by Waltti. From their website, you can find the route map and buy tickets. By creating an account, you can order a bus card from the website or the City Office Building: Maaherrankatu 9-11, 50100 Mikkeli.

Useful words:

Syötä lähtöpaikka = fill the point of departure (street, e.g. Raatihuoneenkatu 8)

Syötä määränpää = fill the destination (street, e.g. Tikankatu 10 or Kotka)



Grocery stores

In Mikkeli, there are three main chains that own the grocery shops: S-chain, K-chain and Lidl:

  • S -shops: Sale (smallest), S-market (mid-size) and Prisma (biggest grocery store)
  • K-shops: K-market (smallest), K-supermarket (mid-size) and Citymarket (biggest grocery store)
  • Lidl (big grocery stores)

Closest grocery stores to campus: Sale Nuijamies, Lidl Urpola and S-market Urpola


You can get some medicines without a prescription (for cold&flue, vitamins, pain killers) and some you can only get with a prescription from a doctor. Take the prescription with you when getting the medicines from the pharmacies. There are many pharmacies in Mikkeli, the closest one to the campus is Urpolan Apteekki.

Student cards

You can purchase a student card for your stay in Finland. With the student card, you will get discounts on e.g. meals, trains and buses. More information on the student card you can find on Kaakko’s website.


Registering as a foreigner

After you move to Finland, you must register yourself with the Digital and Population Data Services Agency (DVV) in Finland.  This is mandatory for EU students as well.

It’s important to register as soon as possible after your arrival because you may need to have a Finnish personal identity code and a registered address in Finland to open a bank account or to get a service contract with mobile phone operator.

Check the instructions for registering on the DVV website or start with the DVV info letter for foreign students.

If you need to visit the DVV office, you should first book an appointment via the DVV online service. Once you get an appointment, you can visit the DVV office on your appointment day at the following address: Raatihuoneenkatu 5 A, Floor 5, 50100 Mikkeli.

Mikkeli imigration services Mimosa – Mikkelin maahanmuuttajapalvelut Mimosa

Mimosa offers guidance and counselling during opening hours without an appointment. Guidance and counselling can be arranged by agreement also outside opening hours in Mimosa, by phone or email.

Mimosa can help you with:

  • Everyday life
  • Family and relationships
  • Permits
  • Citizenship
  • Leisure time and hobbies
  • Finnish culture

Find out more about MIMOSA: Monikulttuurityö Mimosa ry

NOTICE! Find out if you must visit an embassy in Finland and book your time as soon as you can.


In case you have some time to explore Finland before your studies begin


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