Savonlinna campus is located in the heart of the town Savonlinna.

Campus provides education in health care and process technology.  In addition, Xamk has two other locations in Savonlinna:

  • FiberLaboratory – develops technology and innovations for the processing and forest industry, chemical manufacturers and manufacturers of measurement, regulation and automation systems
  • 3K-Factory of Electronics provides training, development and manufacturing services in the field of electronics.

International degree programmes conducted in English:

Services on campus

•    Student affairs office
•    International services
•    Library
•    Restaurant Kaari
•    Gym

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South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences
Savonlinna Campus
Savonniemenkatu 6
FI-57100 Savonlinna

Welcome to study in Savonlinna

Tervetuloa opiskelemaan Savonlinnaan! Welcome to study in Savonlinna!

From this section you get some useful information and tips to make your first days in Finland easier and make you feel more comfortable at the beginning of your new studying life in Finland.


How to get to Savonlinna

The easiest and fastest way to travel from Helsinki to Savonlinna is by airplane. You can buy the flight as you make reservations from the country of origin. Savonlinna’s airport in located approximately 30min from the city centre. There is no public transportation from the airport but you can catch a taxi there.

Savonlinna can also be reached by train or bus. By your train tickets from the webshop of the national railway company VR: Bus tickets to Savonlinna are easily purchased from the webshop:

Notice: Please buy the tickets to any public transportation in advance. The easiest way is to buy the tickets from webshops or apps. It might be the easiest to download the useful public transportation apps (VR, Matkahuolto) as early as possible before you travel to Finland. Purchising the tickets is easy if you have a credit card. Keep in mind that there might not be any tickets available at the vehicle as you enter it.

From drop off location in Savonlinna to your apartment

You can take a bus or a taxi from the train drop off to your apartment. For bus timetables and tickets, please download the Reitit ja liput -app (provided by Matkahuolto).
There are some taxis waiting near the train drop off -location so you can easily catch a taxi there. Taxis in Savonlinna are very reliable, please ask to turn on the price-meter as you enter the vehicle.

Here are some useful words to help you in your way

anteeksi – excuse me, I’m sorry

missä on – where is

juna – train

bussi – bus

Helsinkiin – to Helsinki

lentokentälle – to airport

Kouvolaan – to Kouvola

lippu – a ticket

rautatieasema – railway station

matkakeskus – travel center

A tip: use Google translate to know how to pronounce these words!

Living in Savonlinna

Savonlinnan Vuokratalot Oy is a public company that provides rental apartments and student housing in Savonlinna.

Please check the web pages of Savonlinnan Vuokratalot Oy for further details. You can place a question via email:

Moving around in Savonlinna

It’s easy to walk from place to place in the center on Savonlinna. If you wish to use the public transportation, please download the app Reitit ja Liput (provided by Matkahuolto) fro your and create an account to purchase bus tickets. You can also buy tickets when entering the bus. If you use cash, please be prepared to use even money as the driver might not have lots of exchange money. Card payment is highly appreciated in every public transportation vehicle in Finland.

Immigration services in Savonlinna

Registering as a foreigner

After you move to Finland, you must register yourself with the Digital and Population Data Services Agency (DVV) in Finland. This is mandatory for EU students as well.
It’s important to register as soon as possible after your arrival because you may need to have a Finnish personal identity code and a registered address in Finland to open a bank account or to get a service contract with mobile phone operator.

Check the instructions for registering on the DVV website or start with the DVV info letter for foreign students.
If you need to visit the DVV office, you should book an appointment via the DVV online service. Once you get an appointment, you can visit the DVV office on your appointment day at the following address: Olavinkatu 24, 57100 SAVONLINNA, 3rd. floor.


Immigration services Navigattori – Savonlinnan kotoutumispalvelut Navigaattori

Navigaattori is helping with all kinds of immigration issues in Savonlinna region. In Navigaattoori you get information and help e.g. in the following topics:

  • Residence permits and immigration services (Migri:
  • Living
  • Work life
  • Education
  • Free time
  • Kela – social security system of Finland and other support

Navigaattori has an office in Savonlinna city centre. You’ll get service in English, Finnish and Russian straight away but also other languages can be used if you ask for it prior to your appointment. Please book an appointment time before you go to visit Navigaattori.

Learn more about Navigaattori at their website: Immigration services – Savonlinna

Notice: Find out before entering to Finland if you must visit embassy in Finland and book your time as soon as you can. Navigaattori can help you if needed.


Savonlinna is a small town in eastern Finland with approximately 36,000 inhabitants. The population of the entire region is about 55,000. The Savonlinna region is situated at the heart of Europe’s most extensive lake district. The town itself is built on a chain of is­lands; around 40 % of the surface area of Savonlinna is covered with lakes and ponds.

Olavinlinna Castle, founded in 1475, serves as a reminder of Savonlinna’s colourful, though often brutal past. Nowadays, Olavinlinna Castle is a venue for the world-famous Savonlinna Opera Festival.

Savonlinna is an ideal place for enjoying peace and the beauty of nature but it also offers various opportunities for spending active leisure time.