Savonlinna campus is located in the heart of the town Savonlinna.

Campus provides education in health care and process technology.  In addition, Xamk has two other locations in Savonlinna:

  • FiberLaboratory – develops technology and innovations for the processing and forest industry, chemical manufacturers and manufacturers of measurement, regulation and automation systems
  • 3K-Factory of Electronics provides training, development and manufacturing services in the field of electronics.

International degree programmes conducted in English:

Services on campus

•    Student affairs office
•    international services
•    library
•    restaurant Kaari
•    gym

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South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences
Savonlinna Campus
Savonniemenkatu 6
FI-57100 Savonlinna


Savonlinna is a small town in eastern Finland with approximately 36,000 inhabitants. The population of the entire region is about 55,000. The Savonlinna region is situated at the heart of Europe’s most extensive lake district. The town itself is built on a chain of is­lands; around 40 % of the surface area of Savonlinna is covered with lakes and ponds.

Olavinlinna Castle, founded in 1475, serves as a reminder of Savonlinna’s colourful, though often brutal past. Nowadays, Olavinlinna Castle is a venue for the world-famous Savonlinna Opera Festival.

Savonlinna is an ideal place for enjoying peace and the beauty of nature but it also offers various opportunities for spending active leisure time.