Ulkoa päin kesäaikaan kuvattu Kouvolan kampusrakennus.

Kouvola Campus

Explore the campus in Kouvola, where future professionals are trained.

In Kouvola, you can study design, business, social and health care, humanities and education, or technology. At the same time, you can enjoy nature, culture, and sports. There are about 2600 students.

In addition to education, research and development in areas such as rail logistics, gamification, and user-centered design are conducted at the Kouvola campus.

The campus offers excellent services and a stunning historical environment just a kilometer away from the city center.

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Kaakkois-Suomen ammattikorkeakoulu
Kouvolan kampus
Paraatikenttä 7, 45100 Kouvola

Kouvola campus 360°

Study in Kouvola

Studying at the Kouvola campus offers excellent opportunities to develop and grow in one’s field. Modern learning environments, such as classrooms and well-equipped workshop facilities, support the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. There are about 2600 students on campus.

Kouvola produces designers, artenoms, gerontologists, engineers, business graduates, community educators, and nurses. In addition to degree education, expertise can also be gained through the Open University of Applied Sciences, Xamk Pulse.

The campus also engages in diverse research and development activities, providing opportunities to participate in innovative projects. Furthermore, the active student community and support services create an inspiring and comfortable learning environment.

Explore innovation work in Kouvola

Explore innovation work in Kouvola, where research and development thrive in areas like railway logistics, gamification, and user-oriented design. The campus boasts a state-of-the-art virtual production studio, enabling cutting-edge technology testing and education. Research units such as Biosampo and Xentre focus on bio-based economy and business innovation, respectively, driving forward sustainable and impactful advancements in various fields.

Restaurants and facilities in Kouvola

The restaurants and facilities at the Kouvola campus offer excellent services and a comfortable environment for students and staff. Restaurant Paja serves as a café and lunch restaurant on weekdays. Paja emphasizes the use of domestic ingredients and organic produce. The Paja Cabinet provides an efficient meeting space for up to 20 people. In the downstairs Gallery of Paja, there are serving rights in the lobby and project rooms, which are excellent for use as a banquet facility for up to 200 people.

In close proximity to Paja, in the main building of the campus, there is a bright training room called Kaarisali, which can accommodate up to 80 people, and catering from Restaurant Paja can be provided. All meeting rooms on the campus are equipped with wireless internet access and versatile AV equipment ready for use.

FAQ about the Kouvola Campus

In Kouvola, you can study, among other things, design, business, social and health care, humanities and education, or technology. In addition to degree programs, you can also study courses through the Open University of Applied Sciences or acquire new skills through continuing education.

The campus features modern learning environments, such as well-equipped classrooms and laboratories, as well as Restaurant Paja, which offers café and lunch services.

The campus offers an active student community, support services, and diverse research and development activities that promote learning and innovation.

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