Mikkeli Campus

At the Mikkeli campus, responsible change-makers are educated. There are nearly 30 Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs with about 4600 students enrolled. The campus offers excellent services and outstanding facilities for both studying and leisure.

Research and development activities in Mikkeli focus on the development of welfare services, youth research, and circular economy solutions. Join us and take advantage of the opportunities in Mikkeli to grow and develop! The Mikkeli campus is located about a 10-minute walk from the market square.

Campus map

Mikkeli campus

Kaakkois-Suomen ammattikorkeakoulu
Patteristonkatu 3, 50100 Mikkeli

Vieraspysäköinti: Ratsurinkuja

Active Life Lab

Saimaa Stadiumi
Raviradantie 22b, 50100 Mikkeli

Mikkeli campus 360°

Study in Mikkeli

The Mikkeli campus is the largest in Xamk in terms of student numbers, with approximately 4600 students. In Mikkeli, there are over a dozen Bachelor’s degree programs available, including programs in engineering, forestry engineering, nursing, hospitality management, social services, public health nursing, business, and community education. There are also two Bachelor’s degree programs and around ten Master’s degree programs offered in English.

The campus offers a variety of services for students:

  • Student Affairs Office and Applicant Services
  • Student Well-being Services
  • International Services
  • Student Union of South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (Opiskelijakunta Kaakko)
  • Campus Library
  • Well-equipped gym, sports hall, and outdoor sports field
  • Disc golf course
  • Moas student apartments

Explore innovation work in Mikkeli

In Mikkeli, extensive and impactful research and development work is also conducted. Mikkeli has particularly strong RDI expertise in developing welfare services based on measured data. We also conduct youth research aimed at promoting equality, as well as advancements in environmental safety and the circular economy.

Restaurants and facilities in Mikkeli

The restaurant services at Mikkeli include a total of three restaurants and one café:

  • Restaurant Talli
  • Café-restaurant Dexi (KELA-supported lunch)
  • Restaurant Kasarmina (KELA-supported lunch)
  • Café Alfa

All these establishments offer lunch and café services as well as catering for Xamk students, staff, and other customers.

In addition to the restaurants, the comfortable and modern facilities at the Mikkeli campus are ideal for various events, such as meetings, training sessions, and customized corporate events, as well as larger seminars for up to 300 people. All our meeting rooms are equipped with wireless internet access and versatile AV equipment.

FAQ about the Mikkeli Campus

Over 4500 students study at the Mikkeli campus, making it the largest campus in Xamk.

In Mikkeli, you can study to become an engineer, forestry engineer, nurse, social worker, public health nurse, business professional, and community educator. Additionally, there are two Bachelor’s degree programs offered in English and about ten Master’s degree programs.

The campus offers a Student Affairs Office and Applicant Services, Student Well-being Services, Internationalization Services, the Student Union of South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (Opiskelijakunta Kaakko), a campus library, a gym, a sports hall, an outdoor sports field, and a disc golf course. Moas student apartments are also available.

At the Mikkeli campus, research and development work is conducted particularly in the fields of welfare services, youth research, environmental safety, and the development of the circular economy.

The campus offers internationalization services that assist students in participating in international exchange programs, internships, and projects abroad.

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