Game Design

Bachelor of Culture and Arts

Graduates of the Degree Programme in Game Design will master the game production pipeline.

The emphasis is on planning and developing games and acquiring a clear understanding of the game industry. The degree programme focuses on game art and design, design methods and professional tools.

Studies in Game Design enable students from different cultural backgrounds to build an international career.

Next application periods!

Joint application, 28.8.-11.9.2024.

Joint application, 8.-22.1.2025.

Tuition fees & scholarships

Bachelor’s degrees 10 700 euros / academic year for students from outside the EU/EEA countries and Switzerland.

Full-time studies


Starting places: 21 Length of education: 4 years Upcoming application periods: 8.1.-22.1.2025 Applying and addmission criteria –

Part-time studies


Starting places: 21 Length of education: 4 years Upcoming application periods: 28.8.-11.9.2024 Applying and addmission criteria –

Online studies


Starting places: 25 Length of education: 4 years Upcoming application periods: 8.1.-22.1.2025

Degree titles

  • Bachelor of Culture and Arts

Do You Have the Passion for Planning and Developing the Game Industry?

During your studies, you will get familiar with different methods and tools required in making games. The studies cover a wide range of different study subjects with an emphasis on 3D modeling, game art and game design.

The studies aim to provide competence in the global game design industry with hands-on experience.

The students develop their design skills and learn to use professional tools through working on their own game projects. During these projects different game design concepts and prototypes are explored with the aim of improving the students’ aesthetic, production, design thinking, communication, and team working skills and competences.

Graduates of the programme are able to create games and interactive products to meet the needs of customers and end users.

The graduates are aware of the potential of gamification and game development in the public, private as well as the entertainment sector.

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Get competence in the global game design industry with hands-on experience.

  • game design
  • game art
  • 3D modeling
  • character design 
  • level design
  • environment design
  • concept art
  • game mechanics
  • animation

Why to study Game Design at Xamk?

Structure of studies

The Degree Programme in Game Design consists of six core competence modules, including practical training and a thesis, as well as complementary competences, including optional studies. Your knowledge as a game designer increases and the content of studies follows certain themes:

In the first year, you become familiar with the principles of game design, tools and software as well as project-based work.

In the second year, you further develop skills in pre-production, character and environment design, game development as well as game production. You will be developing your first proper game as part of a team.

In the third year, you adopt knowledge and enhance your game design skills, and form an understanding of game business and development practices through a development project.

In the fourth year, you develop personal competitiveness through practical training and thesis.

The core competence of the degree programme covers 105 ECTS credits through the following modules:

  • Working life skills: you develop your skills in studying, communication and languages as well as in acquiring employment.
  • Foundation studies: you become familiar with the basic techniques of drawing and painting, storytelling and develop your skills in game design.
  • Tools and software: you learn the basic tools and software required in game design.
  • Games in context: you advance your knowledge of game business models and the cultural context of games. You develop and fine-tune your digital portfolio.
  • Thesis: you further your knowledge and knowhow of a specific area of game design or game art through an independent research and development project. 

The complementary competence of the degree programme covers 90 ECTS credits through the following modules:

  • Pre-production skills: you develop your skills through developing your own game concept as a member of a team.
  • Environment design: you learn different aspects of environment design from concept art and level design to 3D modeling through developing your own game environment.
  • Character design: you advance your skills in character design and 3D modeling skills through developing your own character and assets.
  • Game production: you advance your skills of development platforms, user interface design and project management through your own development project.
  • Game development: you gain a better understanding of scripting for game engines, 3D modeling and 3D animation that you can utilize in your own game project.
  • Advanced game project: you develop your own game in a team from start to finish. You will deepen your practical skills and theoretical knowledge of game mechanics and the key areas of your professional interests.

Practical training 30 ECTS credits

The objective is to promote professional growth by increasing the students’ awareness of the field-specific work tasks and by supporting the students to work as members of a work community.

Optional studies 15 ECTS credits

Optional studies provide the opportunity to develop your own entrepreneurship, specific areas of game design or deepen your understanding of other fields: you can study courses from other degree programmes to meet your own objectives or focus.

Current topics

Study at Kouvola campus or online!  

Implementation of studies

You can study Game Design as blended learning (part-time), daytime (full-time) and online studies.

All options the aim is to gain approximately 30 ECTS every semester and both options follow the same curriculum. Please read more about the options below.

Blended learning (part-time) studies, studies start in January
This is an option for you if you need to incorporate your studies with work or if you are not able to live near the campus. Students come to campus approximately every three weeks for two days (Thursday and Friday from 9am till 4pm). In addition, there might be some additional online meetings during the weekdays. The rest of the studies is independent work in your own time.

Most of the teaching takes place at Meduusa Studio, Kouvola. The town has good train connections, and the campus is located a 20-minute walk from the train station. It takes approximately an hour and a half by train from Helsinki to reach the campus.

During your contact lessons at Meduusa Studio, you are able to utilize the software and hardware available at the campus but for the work outside the university premises you are expected to have your own device.

Daytime (full-time) studies, studies start in September
Students work on campus from Monday to Friday. This is for you if you value peer support and the network of your classmates on a daily basis. You are able to utilize the software and hardware available at Meduusa Studio where most of the instruction takes place. The facilities are also available for students to use outside the classroom time in the evenings and during the weekends. This means that there is no requisite to have your own device.

Online studies

More information coming in fall 2024.

Possibilities to speed up your studies

If you are able to present evidence and demonstrate your prior learning, you can apply for recognition of prior learning for studies completed at universities or skills acquired through work. This allows you to concentrate on learning new things and makes it possible to speed up your studies.

Career opportunities

Studies in Game Design enable students from different cultural backgrounds to build an international career. The degree gives you competence through research and development assignments to become an expert in specific areas of game design, supporting your own career plans.

During your studies, you devise your own game projects with the aim of building your own design portfolio that helps you with your employment in the future.

As a Bachelor of Culture and Arts in Game Design you can become: 

  • game designer
  • game artist
  • 3D modeler
  • level designer
  • user interface and/or user experience designer
  • entrepreneur in game design

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Top 5 reasons to study with us

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