You can apply to most degree programmes leading to a university of applied sciences degree if you meet the general eligibility requirements.

Can I apply to a university of applied sciences?

Bachelor’s degree programmes

Master’s degree programmes

How students are selected

Discretionary admission

English language proficiency

Bachelor’s degree programmes

You can apply for the bachelor’s studies with an upper secondary school level qualification that provides eligibility for higher education studies in the country in question, or with a prior bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Read more on the eligibility requirements on UASinfo website:

Required documents of eligibility by country:

If you graduate after the application period

You can apply to Bachelor’s programmes with a temporary certificate if you are able to upload your final graduation certificate (and an official translation into English, Finnish or Swedish if applicable) to your application form or information about your graduation in KOSKI service is available by:

High school / Upper secondary school qualification

  • autumn application round: by 31 December 2024, 3 pm.
  • spring application round: by 10 July 2025, 3 pm.

Higher education degree

  • autumn application round: by 31 December 2024, 3 pm.
  • spring application round: by 31 July 2025, 3 pm.

Master’s degree programmes

You can apply to a Master’s degree programme if you have completed

  • an appropriate UAS Bachelor’s degree or another appropriate higher education degree and
  • at least two years of work experience in a relevant field after completing the higher education degree. As a relevant field is regarded both the field being applied to and the field of the previous higher education degree.

Language certificates are not required for admission. The language skills are either evaluated in the programme’s own entry exam or confirmed by other selection methods like GMAT.

Work experience

You must provide a work certificate written by the employer and confirmed by the empoloyer’s signature/stamp as proof of employment. Only work experience obtained after completing the higher education degree can be considered: the work experience can be accumulated from the date of award of the higher education degree and obtained no later than 31 July (spring application) / 31 December (autumn application) in the year of applying.

How students are selected

Admission criteria

The Admission criteria are decided on a yearly basis for each degree programme separately. The criteria consists of the eligibility requirements and the student selection methods.

The student admission is conditional until all information and certificates used for applying have been checked. Your study place can be withdrawn if you have given false information about your qualifications.

Admission results

Higher education institutions publish admission results gradually according to their own schedules. Applicants will receive a notice of result by email when all results have been published.

  • Direct Application, autumn 2024: by 30 September 2024
  • Joint Application, autumn 2024: by 21 November 2024
  • Joint Application, spring 2025: by 28 May 2025

You will receive a notice by email both from the Studyinfo service and Xamk Admission Services when you have been admitted to study at Xamk.

You can see your admission results through My Studyinfo -service if you have access to it (Finnish personal ID number and online banking credentials, mobile certificate or an electronic ID-card needed).

If you are not selected

The UAS will publish information on vacant study places and supplementary application rounds for them on Studyinfo service.

Open Path studies are a possibility to join the studies if you were not admitted in the joint application.

Equal admission scores

In cases of equal admission scores at Xamk, the applicants are ranked on the grounds of points for an entrance examination and the applicant’s first-choice programme on the application form. The order of priority of the study programmes on the application form does not concern the Joint Application, spring.

If these criteria fail to produce a difference between tied applicants, the applicants are automatically selected by lots drawn by a computer system.


Discretionary admission

At Xamk, discretionary admission is used only in the field of culture, for Degree Programme in Game Design. Other degree programmes in English at Xamk do not use discretionary admission.

Discretionary admission means that Xamk may invite applicants who do not meet the eligibility requirement, to the entrance exam, if their skills and knowledge are considered sufficient.

Discretion only concerns the eligibility to apply. Discretionary applicants are included in the student selection process in the same way as other applicants and follow the regular procedure for applying.

If you wish to apply to the Game Design programme as a discretionary applicant, please follow these instructions:

  1. Check the eligibility criteria at Studyinfo service.
  2. Submit your application form on Studyinfo service during the application period.
  3. If you do not meet the eligibility criteria attach the following documents to your application on:
    • copies of the certificates you wish to invoke to
    • a cover letter shortly explaining why your application should be considered in discretionary admission.
  4. The deadline for the attachments
    • Joint application, autumn 2024: 18 September 2024, 3 pm (Finnish time UTC +3)
    • Joint application, spring 2025: 29 January 2025, 3 pm (Finnish time UTC +2)

English language proficiency

Language certificates are required for admission based on the International UAS Exam in the 2024 application rounds. In other selection methods (programme’s own entrance exam, SAT, certificate-based selection) a separate language certificate is not required.

The language requirements may change for 2025, updates are published on our website by the end of September 2024.

Contact Admission Services

Xamk’s Admissions Services primarily assists with matters related to applying for degree studies. You can contact us by phone or through our online form.

Phone service in July:

  • Mon-Fri 10.00-13.00

Degree education in Finnish:

  • 044 702 8891 
  • 040 585 6610

Degree education in English:

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