Certificate copies and course descriptions

Student who has graduated or resigned from studies can ask for a certified copy of his/her degree certificate (including all enclosures) or transcript of records. There is a fee charged for the certificate copies according to the price list for Student services.

Price list for Student services 2017

The certificates are delivered within two weeks by cash on delivery service in Finland (the recipient pays for the delivery when collecting the letter from local post office) or the payment can be made to the UAS bank account in advance.

The course descriptions available in electronic form can be found from Xamk study guide.

Please contact the student affairs office (opintotoimisto@xamk.fi) in all matters related to the certificate copies and course descriptions.

Alumni activities

Alumni activities mean long lasting cooperation between the university and its students. Students can register as an alumna/alumnus already when they are graduating. Joining the register is free of charge.

An alumna will be a part of a large network which can be useful and fun from the professional and free time of view. The alumni activities for South-Eastern Finland UAS are being developed.

Stay tuned!


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