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Joint Application, spring 2022


Game Design (full-time, on campus), 22 study places
  • Student selection methods (% of study places):
    online entrance examination (100%)
  • Cooperation in entry exams: no
  • Previous exams available for applicants: no

The entrance exam has two phases, Part 1 and Part 2. Applicants are admitted based on the combined points of Part 1 and Part 2.

  • Part 1: The instructions for Part 1 tasks are sent by email to all applicants on 20 January 2022. The Part 1 tasks are submitted electronically as per the given instructions by 27 January 2022. Part 1 consists of two tasks. You must pass each task with minimum points in order to qualify in the selection process. If you do not pass the first task, your second task will not be assessed.


  • Part 2 online entrance exam: 60 applicants with the best points of Part 1, will be invited to Part 2 by email.
    Part 2 online entrance exam is arranged on Wednesday
    23 February 2022. Part 2 consists of three tasks. You must pass each task with minimum points in order to qualify in the selection process. If you do not pass both the first and second task of Part 2, your third task will not be assessed.
  • The minimum score for a passed examination: 50/100 points. In addition, English language skills are assessed in the exam.


Digital International Business (full-time, on campus), 50 study places
Wellbeing Management (full-time, online+on campus), 20 study places
Nursing (full-time, on campus), 50 study places
  • Student selection methods (% of study places):
    International UAS Exam (100%)
  • Cooperation in entry exams: yes
  • Previous exams available for applicants: no


Environmental Engineering (full-time, online+on campus), 20 study places
Information Technology (full-time, on campus), 25 study places
  • Student selection methods (% of study places):
    International UAS Exam (70%),
    Certificate-based student selection (30%)
  • Cooperation in entry exams: yes
  • Previous exams available for applicants: no


Information on the International UAS Exam and the Certificate-based student selection can be found at www.UASinfo.fi.

International UAS Exam

An online entrance examination, the International UAS Exam consists of two phases:
  1. First phase – written exam on 9 February 2022
  2. Second phase – group interview (oral exam) on 28 February – 11 March 2022
The entrance examination assesses the applicants’ abilities to study in universities of applied sciences. The entrance examination does not contain any pre-reading materials or pre-tasks. All instructions are available on www.UASinfo.fi.
International UAS exam is available in the following study fields:
  • Arts and Humanities, Education
  • Business and Administration, Information and Communication Technology
  • Natural Resources
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Seafaring
  • Social Services, Health Care, Sports, Beauty Care
  • Technology



Certificate-based student selection

The certificate-based student selection with threshold criteria applied to Xamk degree programmes in the field of technology is available for the following qualifications:

  • Vocational upper secondary qualification completed In Finland after 1 August 2015
    • Threshold criteria: The lowest score limit 80/150 and Common unit of Mathematics and science competence in the vocational upper secondary qualification, grade 2 or higher (grading scale 1-3), or grade 4 or higher (grading scale 1-5).

Qualifications completed outside Finland are not considered in the certificate-based student selection (except for the International and European Baccalaureate degrees).


Master of Social Services and Health Care, Rehabilitation
  • Student selection methods: online entrance examination
  • Cooperation in entry exams: no
  • Previous exams available for applicants: no
  • The entrance examination includes two parts.
  • Part 1 is a motivation video (the lowest accepted score 10/40 p) that measures study motivation, abilities to develop working life and English language skills. The video is to be uploaded and saved to the application form on Studyinfo by Wednesday, 2 February 2022, 3 pm Finnish time (UTC +2).
  • Part 2 is a written exam based on material (the lowest accepted score 20/60 p). Eligible applicants receiving the highest scores for the motivation video are invited to the written exam. The written exam is organised on Tuesday, 8 March 2022, online on Xamk Open Learn environment. The written exam measures information processing. All examination materials are given during the examination in XAMK Open Learn environment.

The lowest accepted score for entrance examination is 30/100 points. In addition, the applicant must meet the minimum score requirements for both, the motivation video and the written exam.

Individual arrangements in entrance examinations

You may request individual arrangements for entrance examinations on particular grounds. The request for individual arrangements must be submitted:

  • Joint Application, Spring 2022: by 26 January 2022, 3 pm Finnish time (UTC +2)

Electronic request form for individual arrangements

Requests for individual arrangements sent after the deadline are processed only in acute, exceptional cases. Individual arrangements cannot be granted if the request is submitted too late, with regard to the timetable of the entrance examination, or individual arrangements are otherwise deemed impossible to arrange.

Required attachments

Please attach copies of attestations that support your request, e.g. medical certificate or equivalent statement on the nature of your disease or disability, or certificate on dyslexia or learning difficulty.

If you request support measures, such as additional time, on the grounds of dyslexia, attach a statement of a trained special needs teacher, an expert psychologist, speech therapist or specialist medical doctor (e.g. child neurologist, neurologist or phoniatrician). The statement shall indicate that you need support measures for taking the exam due to dyslexia. The UAS may accept an equivalent decision made by The Finnish Matriculation Examination Board if it contains the granted support measures.

The validity of statements is assessed on a case-by-case basis depending on the persistence of disability, disease or learning difficulty. For dyslexia, only statements that have been obtained at the age of 16 or later are considered. Do not send original certificates but be prepared to present the originals at the start of your studies should you become accepted to the study programme. Information related to your health shall be kept secret (Section 24, Act on the Openness of Government Activities).

Notice on granted individual arrangements

You are notified of the granted arrangements by email. If you are dissatisfied on the arrangements granted by Xamk, please contact Xamk Admission Services.

The notification on granted individual arrangements only applies to the specified study programme/entrance examination and is valid only on the specified exam date(s).

Individual arrangements that have been granted in advance for the second phase of the International UAS Exam are valid only if the applicant receives an invitation to the second phase.

After you have got the final admission results in joint application, you can request adjustment to the decision on individual arrangement as part of student selection appeal procedure.

International UAS Exam

If your request concerns the International UAS Exam, please submit your request to the university of applied sciences/study programme using the International UAS Exam that is first on your application form. The following programmes at Xamk use the International UAS Exam:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Digital International Business
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Wellbeing Management
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Environmental Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Health Care, Nursing

Xamk uses an electronic form for the requests but some UAS may use a paper form. Please check details regarding the International UAS Exam on UASinfo website.

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