Bachelor’s degree programmes

Game Design, Kouvola Mon 23 April 2018
International Business, Kouvola Wed 11 April 2018
Environmental Engineering, Mikkeli Fri 6 April 2018
Information Technology, Mikkeli Fri 6 April 2018

Master’s degree programmes

International Business Management, Kouvola Fri 18 May 2018
Health Promotion, Kotka Thu 17 May 2018


You can find the programme-specific information on the content of the examinations by clicking the name of the programme in the table.

All eligible applicants will be invited to the entrance examination. In Master’s Degree Programme in Health Promotion the applicants are also required to successfully complete the pre-assignment in order to be invited to the examination.

The invitation to entrance examination is sent by email only. Entrance examination is the basis for admission in the degree programmes in English and it is therefore compulsory to take part and pass it in order to qualify for admission. In case the examination includes an evaluation of English language skills, it is also necessary to pass the evaluation to be eligible for admission.

The entrance examinations are arranged in Finland and for Bachelor’s degree programmes also on selected locations outside Finland (further information below). The examination date in Finland is given in the table.

Entrance examinations outside Finland

In spring 2018 the FINNIPS network will arrange entrance examinations in twelve countries outside Finland. The exams will be held between 21 and 27 March 2018. Information on the exam cities and country-specific exam dates are given below. Please note that changes may occur..

The entrance examination can be taken either in Finland or outside Finland in one of the countries where FINNIPS organises them.

  • Brazil, São Paulo 21-22 March
  • China, Wuhan 24-25 March
  • Germany, Worms 21-22 March
  • Great Britain, London 21-22 March
  • Hungary, Budapest 21-22 March
  • India, Delhi 26-27 March
  • Kazakhstan, Astana 26-27 March
  • Kenya, Nairobi 21-23 March
  • Nepal, Kathmandu 22-25 March
  • Russia, Moscow and St. Petersburg 21-22 March
  • USA, Chicago 24-25 March
  • Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City 25-26 March

You select your entry exam location on the application form. Only those applying in January can complete the exam outside Finland.




Read more about FINNIPS at


concerns the entrance examination in the bachelor’s degree programmes in the engineering/technology field

Xamk may alternatively arrange the entrance examination in a Finnish embassy, according to the following principles:

  • The degree programme in Environmental Engineering or Information Technology at Xamk is the highest study preference on your application form.
  • You inform the contact person at the embassy to Xamk Admission services (admissions(a) by 7 February 2018.
  • The examination is arranged on the same day as the examination in Finland (6 April 2018).
  • The entrance examination is arranged in a Finnish embassy in one of the European, Asian or North- or South-American countries ( > Entering Finland and travelling abroad > Countries A–Z), if the country in question is not already mentioned in the list of FINNIPS exam locations.  Exams cannot be arranged in honorary consulates.
  • The applicant is responsible for any costs caused for taking the examination in a Finnish embassy (e.g. fees charged by the embassy or travel costs). Note that it depends on the resources and facilities of the Finnish embassies, if the examination can be arranged. Also, Xamk cannot affect the decisions of the embassies.

Co-operation in entrance examinations

Bachelor’s degree programmes

Many UAS Bachelor’s degree programmes co-operate in the entrance examinations. This means that an entrance examination completed at one UAS is accepted by another. You will only be invited to the entrance examinations by your highest application option in the same group of co-operating programmes.

  • International Business and Business Management programmes co-operate in entrance examinations widely. Please check the co-operating programmes here.
  • Many degree programmes in the field of technology co-operate in entrance examinations, this applies to Environmental Engineering and Information Technology at Xamk as well. Please check the co-operating programmes here.
  • There is no co-operation in entrance examinations for the degree programmes in the field of culture. Also Game Design at Xamk will organise its own exam independently.

Application round 2: Please note that only 7 International Business and eSports Business degree programmes co-operate in the March 2018 application period. You can find the co-operating programmes here

Master’s degree programmes

The Master’s degree programmes at Xamk organise their own entrance examination and do not co-operate in exams with other UAS study programmes.

Previous entrance examinations

Samples of previous years’ entrance examinations for International Business are not available for applicants.

Previous years’ entrance examinations for the Engineering/Technology programmes are available here.

Pre-reading materials

Bachelor’s degree programmes

The entrance examination in International Business is based on pre-reading material.

There is no pre-reading material for other degree programmes’ examinations.

Advance assignments

Master’s degree programmes

There is an advance assignment for Master’s Degree Programme in Health Promotion.

You can submit the advance assignment during the application period: 14 March – 28 March 2018.

Only the applicants who have successfully completed the advance assignment will be invited to the entrance examination.

Special arrangements in entrance examinations

You may request for special arrangements for taking the entrance examination on particular grounds. The application for special arrangements must be submitted to the admission services of all the UAS you are applying to. All higher education institutions use the same application form and it is available on their website. Application form for Xamk is available here.

The application must include copies of the certificates to which you make appeal. Documents verifying dyslexia, or permanent disability, illness or learning disability must have been issued within the last 5 (five) years. The period of validity of other documents will be decided case-by-case.

In case the issue entitling you to special arrangements already exists during the application period, the application for special arrangements must be submitted:

  • by 7 February 2018, 3 pm Finnish time (if you applied in January)
  • by 28 March 2018, 3 pm Finnish time (if you applied in March)

The higher education institution is not obliged to provide special arrangements if the application is not submitted by the deadline.

If the issue entitling you to special arrangements emerges or is identified between the end of the application period and the entrance examination date, you must submit the application for special arrangements to the admission services of each UAS arranging the examinations that you intent to take without delay. The UAS may deny the right to special arrangements if such arrangements are impossible to implement, for example because of schedule-related reasons.

Decisions on special arrangements for entrance examinations are specific to each programme choice and a decision is only alid on a specific examination date.

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