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Application system

Joint application

You can use the same application form to apply to all programmes included in the joint application. At universities of applied sciences the study programmes in the joint application include:

  • Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes in Finnish and Swedish
  • most Bachelor’s degree programmes in English
  • many Master’s degree programmes English.

Applying for some degree programmes in English in Finnish universities or universities of applied sciences may also take place through separate application. At Xamk, you apply to all degree programmes in English through the joint application either in autumn or spring. 

You can find information on the different application systems in Finland on service.

Application periods

Joint application in spring
  • two application periods, the first one in January for degree programmes conducted in English, second in March for degree programmes conducted in Finnish
  • for studies beginning in August
  • information published on in the end of September/October
Joint application in autumn
  • one application period, in September
  • for studies beginning in January
  • information published on in the end of May
  • check the language of instruction in the programme (English, Finnish or Swedish) carefully before applying

The universities decide the timing for the study programmes and the application period accordingly. Application timetable for Xamk degree programmes

Check the application period for the study programmes you are interested in on


Application form

You can find instructions on how to apply in joint application on service. Also, the application form and the required attachments are submitted there during the application period.

You are asked to provide information about your personal details, email address, educational background and in some cases, work experience on the application form. You are only allowed to submit one application form in a joint application.

Link to the online application form is available on the front page of during the application period. The application closes at 3 pm Finnish time on the last day of the application period.

All contacts regarding your application will be made by email. Also, the invitations to entrance examinations are sent out by email, as are the admission results. Be sure to provide an email address you have easy access to and that you regularly use on the application form.

Changing the application

You can make changes to your application form

  • through a link in the confirmation email sent to your email address after submitting the application form, or
  • through My Studyinfo service, if you have online banking codes from a bank in Finland, a Finnish mobile certificate or Finnish electronic ID-card
  • by contacting the Admission Services.

Changes to the study programmes on the application form cannot be made after the application has closed. Your contact information can be updated also outside the application period.

Please inform your full name and application number when contacting the Admission Services!

Consider your study options

In joint application, you can apply up to 6 different study programmes with the same application form. Note that you cannot change the study programmes or the order of them after the application has closed.

In Joint Application, Autumn you place the study programmes in the order of preference on the application form. You will only be offered one study place in this application; for the programme listed highest in your preferences where your points qualify for admission.

Higher education institutions publish admission results gradually according to their own schedules. Please note that even though you may receive more than one study place offer from the higher education institutions, you can accept only one offer among the study programmes beginning in the same semester (autumn semester August-December, spring semester January-July).

If you are liable to pay tuition fee for the studies, please familiarise yourself with the tuition fee and scholarship policies for the study programmes you are interested in already before applying. Information about the fees and scholarships at Xamk is available at

Attachments to application

Upload a good quality color scan or photo of the required document to your application form on by the given deadline.

You can return to the submitted application form through a link included in the confirmation email you receive from service after submitting the application.

Deadlines for attachments

  • Joint Application, Autumn 2023: Thu 21 September 2023, 3 pm Finnish time
  • Joint Application, Spring 2023: Wed 25 January 2023, 3 pm Finnish time


Bachelor’s Degree Programmes

The required documents include

  • relevant qualification certificate: see instructions on website
    • If you have already graduated, make sure to provide the original, final certificate with transcript of records/marks sheet.
    • If information about your qualification completed in Finland is available at the national database (Koski service), you don’t have to upload a certificate copy to the application form.
  • an authorized translation of all documents not originally written in English, Finnish or Swedish
  • acceptable ID document: passport ID data page, EU/ETA country’s identity card with a photo or Finnish driver’s licence. The applicant has to be identifiable on the document’s picture. There may be specific requirements for the ID document used in the International UAS Exam. Information for 2024 applicaiton round is updated to UASinfo website by the end of October 2023.
  • other document exempting from the tuition fee, if applicable: see exempting documents on Xamk website

Master’s Degree Programmes

The required documents include

  • original, final qualification certificate and transcript of records or marks sheet for the degree used for applying
  • work certificates (minimum 2 years / 24 months) from the field after graduation: see information on the work certificates on Xamk website
  • an authorized translation of all documents not originally written in English, Finnish or Swedish
  • acceptable ID document (non-Finnish citizens): passport ID data page or EU/ETA country’s identity card
  • other document exempting from the tuition fee, if applicable: see exempting documents on Xamk website


Refugees or persons in a refugee-like situation (all programmes)

  • If you are unable to submit documentary evidence of your qualification, please contact the Admission Services. You will be asked to complete a background check form. On the grounds of the check requested from you, the degree programme at Xamk will decide whether the evidence of a previous degree is sufficient and whether you are invited to participate in an entrance examination.

Application form > Select the programme > Offered study programmes > Fill in the application and upload your documents

Apply during 4 - 14 September 2023

Required attachments

Check what documents you need to upload to your application.

Check the required attachments

Entrance exams and other selection methods

Students are selected based on entrance exams and qualification certificates.

Read about the selection methods

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