You can apply for the study places still available for the studies beginning in January 2020 at Xamk in the supplementary application.


Degree programmes in English in the supplementary application

How to apply

Admission results

  • Wait to receive information about your result by email. The admission results are announced as soon as possible after the submission has closed, by 20 December 2019 at the latest.
  • If admitted, confirm the study place and enrol as student within 10 days of publishing the results of student admission.
  • If you are liable to pay tuition fee for the studies, it must be paid by the deadline for confirming the study place. See further information on the tuition fee policy and scholarship scheme at Xamk at
  • The studies begin on 7 January 2020 on Mikkeli Campus.

Instructions for supplementary application

Eligibility for the studies

You can apply to Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Wellbeing Management in the supplementary application round if you have completed

In addition good skills in the English language are required. Your language skills are evaluated on the basis of the CV and motivation video.

Admission criteria

The students for the Wellbeing Management programme are selected on the basis of the points received for CV and motivation video.

The maximum points in student selection are 40 and the minimum requirement for a passed result is 10 points. Applicant must pass all parts of the student selection. Applicant’s English language skills (pass/fail) and motivation to study Wellbeing Management in specific are evaluated in the student selection process.

The student selection is always conditional until the university of applied sciences has checked all qualification certificates used for applying. The admission may be withdrawn if the certificates are not delivered by a given deadline or if the applicant has given false information on his/her qualifications.

Application form

The application form is submitted at (Search for the programme > Application form). The application form is available during the application period: 2 December 8 am EET – 5 December 3 pm EET.

You can apply to 1-6 study programmes included in the Xamk supplementary application using the same the application form. The order of preferences is not considered in the supplementary application. If you are applying also for the degree programmes conducted in Finnish, please see information about the application process on our website in Finnish. Please note that applying to many degree programmes may require taking part in several entry exams.

When filling in the application form, you need to provide your personal information (Finnish ID code, if available) and details of your qualification (name, year/date of completion, institution). Fill in the application form carefully with correct information, the service guides you in submitting the application. Submit the application for Xamk in good time before the deadline Thursday 5 December 2019, 3 pm EET.

Please note that if you have already accepted a study place from a study programme beginning in spring semester 2020 in a higher education institution in Finland, you cannot accept another study place in the degree programmes in supplementary application.

Changing information on your application form

You can make changes to study programmes on the application form only during the application period. You can make changes on your application form through a link in the confirmation email sent to your email address after submitting the application form, or by contacting the Admission Services. If you have online banking codes from a bank in Finland, a Finnish mobile certificate or Finnish electronic ID-card, you can also make changes through My Studyinfo service.

Removing or adding study programmes on the application form cannot be done after the application has closed but updates on other information on the application form are possible.


You can check here if you are required to attach any supporting documents (certificate copies or document exempting you from tuition fees) to your application form.

Certificate copies

You don’t have to attach any certificate copies to the application form, if you have completed

  • matriculation examination or double degree in secondary level in Finland in 1990 or after
  • a vocational qualification in Finland in 2018 or after.

Information on these qualifications can be checked from the national database.

If you haven’t completed a qualification listed above, you should attach a copy of one of the following certificates to the application form at the latest after being notified of admission to Xamk:

  • vocational upper secondary qualification completed in Finland in 2017 or earlier
  • further vocational qualification or specialist vocational qualification completed in Finland in 2017 or earlier
  • post-secondary or higher vocational level qualification completed in Finland
  • matriculation examination completed in Finland prior to 1990
  • general upper secondary school syllabus completed in Finland (without matriculation examination).

We recommend that you attach the necessary certificate copies to the application form already during the application period. This way the documents are available for Xamk already at the time of student selection. The certificates are not checked during the application period but only after the student selection, for those who are admitted to study.

Copy of document exempting from tuition fees

The tuition fees concern non-EU/EEA degree students who start their studies in English-taught Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes.

You don’t have to attach an exempting document to the application form, if you are a citizen of Finland. Information about your citizenship is verified from the population register.

You can be exempted from the tuition fee on other grounds if you attach a copy of one of the following documents to your application form:

  • Passport or identity card to indicate the citizenship of EU/EEA/Switzerland
  • Continuous residence permit card in Finland, Type A permit or
  • Permanent residence permit card in Finland, Type P permit or
  • EU residence permit for third-country citizens with long-term residence card in Finland (Type P-EU) or
  • EU Blue Card in Finland or
  • EU Family Member’s Residence Card in Finland

The exempting document must be valid on 1 January 2020. Please check more detailed information with the title “Am I required to pay the tuition fees” at

Find information on the tuition fee policy and scholarship scheme at Xamk at

Request for adjustment

According to the legislation in Finland, an applicant has a right to request for adjustment to the decision concerning student selection within 14 days of publishing the results of student admission.

If you believe that there has been a mistake in the student selection and the admission criteria have not been applied correctly, you must first contact admission services at the university of applied sciences where the student admission decision has been made. If the decision was made at Xamk, contact:

If this does not clarify the matter, you can make a written request for adjustment to the decision regarding student admission.

A request for adjustment must specify the name and contact information of the person making the request, the decision that the request for adjustment concerns, the points of the decision that adjustment is sought for and  the grounds for the request for adjustment. If necessary, supporting documents can be attached to the request.

The request for adjustment concerning student selection at South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences is addressed to the Examination committee and delivered to:

South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences
Examination committee
Paraatikenttä 7, 45100 Kouvola


by email to, topic of the message stating “Request for rectification for the Examination committee”.

Admission Services

Contact information

Tel. +358 44 702 8752 (Kouvola) or
+358 50 312 5031 (Mikkeli)



Postal and visiting addresses

South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences / Admission Services

Paraatikenttä 7, 45100 Kouvola, Finland or
Patteristonkatu 3X, 50100 Mikkeli, Finland

Office hours: Mon-Fri 9 am – 3 pm.

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